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Edward Ravenscroft

Data di nascita: 1654
Data di morte: 1707

Edward Ravenscroft was an English dramatist who belonged to an ancient Flintshire family.

He was entered at the Middle Temple, but devoted his attention mainly to literature. Among his pieces are:

Mamamouchi, or The Citizen turned Gentleman

The Careless Lovers , a comedy of intrigue

Scaramouch a Philosopher, Harlequin a Schoolboy, Bravo a Merchant and Magician

English Lawyer , an adaptation of George Ruggle's Latin play of Ignoramus, presented before James I at Cambridge in March 1615;

The London Cuckolds , which became a stock piece, but was struck out of the repertory by David Garrick in 1751

Titus Andronicus, or, The rape of Lavinia acted at the Theatre Royall: a tragedy, alter'd from Mr. Shakespears works / by Mr. Edw. Ravens croft. 1686.

The Italian Husband .He wrote a total of twelve plays, in which he adapted freely from Molière, William Shakespeare and others. He ventured to decry the heroic drama, and John Dryden retaliated by satirizing his Mamamouchi, a foolish adaptation from Molière's Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Monsieur de Pourceaugnac, in the prologue to the Assignation Ravenscroft was the first critic to posit that Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus was not originally written by him. In 1686 he revived the play at the Drury Lane Theatre, which he entitled "Titus Andronicus, or the rape of Lavinia", he wrote in the address "to the Reader", "I have been told by some anciently conversant with the Stage, that it was not Originally his , but brought by a private Author to be Acted and he only gave some Master-touches to one or two of the Principal Parts or Characters; this I am apt to believe, because 'tis the most incorrect and indigested piece in all his Works, It seems rather a heap of Rubbish then a Structure."

This position is now known as the "Ravenscroft tradition" within literary circles. Wikipedia

Frasi Edward Ravenscroft

„I think it a greater theft to Rob the dead of their Praise, then the Living of their Money.“

—  Edward Ravenscroft

Preface to Titus Andronicus, or the Rape of Lavinia (1686); quoted in The Shakespeare Allusion-Book: A Collection of Allusions to Shakespeare from 1591-1700, vol 2, ed. John Munro (1932).

„This I did to prevent expences, for … a penny sav'd, is a penny got.“

—  Edward Ravenscroft

The Canterbury Guests: or, a bargain broken (1695), Act II, scene iv.

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