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Ernest Barnes

Data di nascita: 1. Aprile 1874
Data di morte: 29. Novembre 1953


Ernest William Barnes FRS was an English mathematician and scientist who later became a liberal theologian and bishop.He was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was Master of the Temple from 1915 to 1919. He was made Bishop of Birmingham in 1924, the only bishop appointed during Ramsay MacDonald's first term in office. His modernist views, in particular objection to Reservation, led to conflict with the Anglo-Catholics in his diocese. A biography by his son, Sir John Barnes, Ahead of His Age: Bishop Barnes of Birmingham, was published in 1979.

Frasi Ernest Barnes


„The astonishing thing about Einstein's equations is that they appear to have come out of nothing.“

— Ernest Barnes
As quoted by Gerald James Whitrow, The Structure of the Universe: An Introduction to Cosmology (1949)

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