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Harold Geneen

Data di nascita: 22. Gennaio 1910
Data di morte: 21. Novembre 1997


Harold "Hal" Sydney Geneen , was an American businessman most famous for serving as president of the ITT Corporation.

Frasi Harold Geneen

„You cannot run a business, or anything else, on a theory.“

— Harold Geneen
Managing, Chapter One (Theory G on Management), p. 13.


„I don't believe in just ordering people to do things. You have to sort of grab an oar and row with them. My philosophy is to stay as close as possible to what's happening. If I can't solve something, how the hell can I expect my managers to?“

— Harold Geneen
from an interview for an article in The New York Times (1977), as cited in "[ Harold S. Geneen, 87, Dies; Nurtured AT&T]" published 23 November 1997 in The New York Times.


„I'd hate to spend the rest of my life trying to outwit an eighteen-inch fish.“

— Harold Geneen
"[ Harold S. Geneen, 87, Dies; Nurtured AT&T]" published 23 November 1997 in The New York Times.

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