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Harold Koontz

Data di nascita: 19. Maggio 1909
Data di morte: 11. Febbraio 1984

Harold D. Koontz was an American organizational theorist, professor of business management at the University of California, Los Angeles and a consultant for many of America's largest business organizations. Koontz co-authored the book Principles of Management with Cyril J. O'Donnell; the book has sold around two million copies and has been translated into 15 languages. Wikipedia

Frasi Harold Koontz

„The management theory jungle is still with us… Perhaps the most effective way [out of the jungle] would be for leading managers to take a more active role in narrowing the widening gap… between professional practice and our college and university business“

—  Harold Koontz

Origine: "The Management Theory Jungle Revisited," 1980, p. 186 ; as cited in Daniel A. Wren & Arthur G. Bedeian (2009). The evolution of management thought. p. 419-420

„This book undertakes the study of management by utilizing analysis of the basic managerial functions as a framework for organizing knowledge and techniques in the field. Managing is defined here as the creation and maintenance of an internal environment in an enterprise where individuals, working together in groups, can perform efficiently and effectively towards the attainment of group goals. Managing could, then, be called ""performance environment design."" Essentially, managing is the art of doing, and management is the body of organized knowledge which underlies the art.
Each of the managerial functions is analyzed and described in a systematic way. As this is done, both the distilled experience of practicing managers and the findings of scholars are presented., This is approached in such a way that the reader may grasp the relationships between each of the functions, obtain a clear view of the major principles underlying them, and be given the means of organizing existing knowledge in the field.
Part 1 is an introduction to the basis of management through a study of the nature and operation of management principles (Chapter 1), a description of the various schools and approaches of management theory (Chapter 2), the functions of the manager (Chapter 3), an analytical inquiry into the total environment in which a manager must work (Chapter 4), and an introduction to comparative management in which approaches are presented for separating external environmental forces and nonmanagerial enterprise functions from purely managerial knowledge (Chapter 5)…“

—  Harold Koontz

Origine: Principles of management, 1968, p. 1 (1972 edition)

„The Current Approaches to Management Theory and Science
I hope the reader will realize that, in outlining the eleven approaches, I must necessarily be terse.“

—  Harold Koontz

The empirical or case approach : The members of this school study management by analyzing experience, usually through cases...
The interpersonal behavior approach: This approach is apparently based on the thesis that managing involves getting things done through people, and that therefore the study of management should be centered on interpersonal relations...
The group behavior approach : This approach is ... primarily with behavior of people in groups rather than with interpersonal behavior...
The cooperative social system approach : A modification of the interpersonal and group behavior approaches has been the focus of some behavioral scientists on the study of human relationships as cooperative social systems...
The sociotechnical systems approach : One of the newer schools of management identifies itself as the sociotechnical systems approach...
The decision theory approach : This approach to management theory and science has apparently been based on the belief that, because it is a major task of managers to make decisions, we should concentrate on decision making...
The systems approach ; ... the systems approach to the study and analysis of management thought...
The mathematical or "management science" approach : There are some theorists who see managing as primarily an exercise in mathematical processes, concepts, symbols, and models...
The contingency or situational approach : ... the contingency approach to management.
The managerial roles approach :... popularized by Henry Mintzberg [1973, 1975]...
The operational approach : The operational approach to management theory and science, a term borrowed from the work of P. W. Bridgman [1938, pp. 2-32], attempts to draw together the pertinent knowledge of management by relating it to the functions of managers...
The nature of the operational approach can perhaps best be appreciated by reference to Figure 1. As this diagram shows, the operational management school of thought includes a central core of science and theory unique to management plus knowledge eclectically drawn from various other schools and approaches...
Origine: "The Management Theory Jungle Revisited," 1980, p. 177-182

„[ Managementlove can be defined as] the function of getting things done through others.“

—  Harold Koontz

Harold Koontz and Cyril O’Donnell (1955), Principles of Management: An Analysis of Managerial Functions. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1955, p. 3; As cited in Wren & Bedeian (2009;411)

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