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„God infinite, omniscient and omnipotent, woke me up and I was amazed! I have read some clues through His created things, in all of which, is His will; even in the smallest things, and the most minute! How much wisdom! What an inscrutable perfection!“

—  Carl Linnaeus
Imperium Naturæ, 12th edition. Deum sempiternum, immensum, omniscium, omnipotentem expergefactus a tergo transeuntem vidi et obstupui! legi aliquot Ejus vestigia per creata rerum, in quibus omnibus, etiam in minimis, ut fere nullis, quæ Vis! quanta Sapientia! quam inextricabilis Perfectio!

„From my youth you have taught me, O God, and now I would like to proclaim Your Wonders“

—  Carl Linnaeus
Praise at the end of the index. In Systema Naturae (1758), from Psalm 71. Original in Latin: "Docuisti me Deus a juventute mea, & usque nunc pronunciabo Mirabilia Tua"

„Your works are wonderful, O Lord! In the multitude of Thy virtues you measure those who despise you.“

—  Carl Linnaeus
Praise at the end of the introduction. In Systema Naturae (1758). Original in Latin: "Terribilia sunt opera Tua, o Domine! In multitude virtutis Tuae, Te metientur contemptores Tui."

„The observer of nature see, with admiration, that "the whole world is full of the glory of God."“

—  Carl Linnaeus
Lachesis Lapponica: Or, A Tour in Laplan (1811), translated by James Edward Smith, Lulea, p. 238.

„Every genus is natural, created as such in the beginning, hence not to be rashly split up or stuck together by whim or according to anyone's theory.“

—  Carl Linnaeus
Systema naturae (1735) (quoted in Ramsbottom 1938:197) Original in Latin: Genus omne est naturale, in primordio tale creatum, hinc pro libitu & secundem cujuscimque theoriam non proterve discindendum aut conglutinandum.

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