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Pedro Muñoz Seca

Data di nascita: 21. Gennaio 1879
Data di morte: 28. Novembre 1936


Pedro Muñoz Seca was a Spanish comic playwright. He was one of the most successful playwrights of his era. He wrote approximately 300 dramatic works, both sainetes and longer plays, often in collaboration with Pedro Pérez Fernández or Enrique García Álvarez. His most ambitious and best known play is La venganza de Don Mendo ; other major works include La barba de Carrillo and Pepe Conde .

Frasi Pedro Muñoz Seca

„I am starting to believe you are not intending to count me amongst your friends.“

— Pedro Muñoz Seca
Last words, said just before he was executed by a firing squad during the spanish civil war.


„I would rather pass by the statue of Cervantes by car today than let my children cross by mine on foot tomorrow.“

— Pedro Muñoz Seca
Said in 1923 when he was criticized by several writers due to the light style of his nonetheless extremely popular plays.

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