Frasi Philip Sidney

„As in geometry, the oblique must be known, as well as the right; and in arithmetic, the odd as well as the even; so in actions of life, who seeth not the filthiness of evil, wanteth a great foil to perceive the beauty of virtue.“

—  Philip Sidney
Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney; with remarks, by Miss Porter (1807), p. 23. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme;view=1up;seq=53


„My dear, my better half“

—  Philip Sidney
Book III. books. google

„In the sweetly constituted mind of Sir Philip Sidney, it seems as if no ugly thought or unhandsome meditation could find a harbour. He turned all that he touched into images of honour and virtue.“

—  Philip Sidney
Charles Lamb "Characters of Dramatic Writers, Contemporary with Shakspeare", in Thomas Hutchinson (ed.) The Works in Prose and Verse of Charles and Mary Lamb (1908) vol. 1, p. 70.

„Poetry, a speaking picture... to teach and delight“

—  Philip Sidney
From 'Tracing Aristotle's Rhetoric' in Defense of Poesy 1581.

„They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.“

—  Philip Sidney
Book 1. Compare: "He never is alone that is accompanied with noble thoughts", John Fletcher, Love's Cure, act iii. sc. 3.

„Have I caught my heav'nly jewel.“

—  Philip Sidney
Sonnet 1, Second Song. Note: Quoted by William Shakespeare in Merry Wives of Windsor.

„Many-headed multitude.“

—  Philip Sidney
Book 2. Compare: "Many-headed multitude", William Shakespeare, Coriolanus, act ii. sc. 3.; "This many-headed monster, Multitude", Daniel, History of the Civil War, book ii. st. 13.

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