„We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.“

— Marilyn Manson

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Marilyn Manson80
cantautore, attore e pittore statunitense 1969

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„The victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants. But I think it would be a great mistake. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there's life, there is hope.“

— Stephen Hawking British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author 1942
On voluntary euthanasia as quoted in [http://english.people.com.cn/200606/14/eng20060614_273839.html People's Daily Online (14 June 2006)]

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„How much more suffering is caused by the thought of death than by death itself.“

— Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the World's Greatest Philosophers

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