„Miranda doesn't dream, she simply rests. When Miranda's eyes are at ease, her mind is at peace.“

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Ingeborg Bachmann8
poetessa, scrittrice e giornalista austriaca 1926 - 1973

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„Even as she lay dreaming these dreams, however, a sane part of her mind was still on duty. Realistically, she knew that what she was thinking was nonsense.“

—  Gordon R. Dickson Canadian-American science fiction writer 1923 - 2001
The Mortal and the Monster, in Stellar Short Novels edited by Judy-Lynn del Rey, p. 23

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„.. And with dream awakened eyes she saw all the beauty around her, saw the sea, felt the sun, and knew she had to vanish for a while from the human surface and make every sacrifice in order to create her world anew out of the depths.
And from that came
Life or Theater???“

—  Charlotte Salomon German painter 1917 - 1943
original German language, Zitat von Charlotte Salomon: ..und sie sah – mit wachgeträumten Augen all die Schönheit um sich her – sah das Meer spürte die Sonne und wusste: sie musste für eine Zeit von der menschlichen Oberfläche verschwinden und dafür alle Opfer bringen – um sich aus der Tiefe ihre Welt neu zu schaffen Und dabei entstand<brdas Leben oder das Theater??? Quote, probably 1943, in Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre?, (ed.) Judith C. E. Belinfante et al, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1998, ISBN 0-900946-66-0, p. 38; as cited om Wikipedia these are the concluding words of the last overlay: JHM 4924-02 https://charlotte.jck.nl/detail/M004924/part/character/theme/keyword/M004924, of the epilogue - quoting ideas of her former love in Germany Alfred Wolfsohn, she called him 'Amadeus Daberlohn' in her paintings

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„And that sweet city with her dreaming spires,
She needs not June for beauty’s heightening.“

—  Matthew Arnold English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools 1822 - 1888
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