„The only relationships I haven't wrecked right away were the ones that wrecked me later.“

—  Melissa Bank, libro The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Origine: The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Ultimo aggiornamento 03 Giugno 2021. Storia
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Melissa Bank3
scrittrice statunitense 1961

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„Whatever forms your resentments may take, they wreck only you, not the one you resent.“

—  Guy Finley American self-help writer, philosopher, and spiritual teacher, and former professional songwriter and musician 1949

Designing Your Own Destiny

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Jack LaLanne photo

„It would wreck my image.“

—  Jack LaLanne American exercise instructor 1914 - 2011

Lalanne on why he may never die in Time Magazine (14 July 1980) http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,948916,00.html

Bram van Velde photo

„Life is wrecked by living.“

—  Bram van Velde Dutch painter 1895 - 1981

short quotes, 14 September 1967; p. 63
1960's, Conversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram van Velde' (1965 - 1969)

Sarah Orne Jewett photo
Ezra Pound photo
Winston S. Churchill photo

„The shores of History are strewn with the wrecks of Empires.“

—  Winston S. Churchill Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1874 - 1965

Peopling the Wide, Open Spaces of Empire, News of the World, 22 May 1938
Reproduced in The Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill, Vol IV, Churchill at Large, Centenary Edition (1976), Library of Imperial History, p. 444. ISBN 0903988453
The 1930s

Damien Hirst photo
Demi Lovato photo

„You're a train wreck, but I wouldn't love you if you changed.“

—  Demi Lovato American singer, songwriter, actress, and author 1992

Lyrics, Don't Forget (2008)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow photo

„And in the wreck of noble lives
Something immortal still survives.“

—  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Building of the Ship

Origine: The Building of the Ship (1849), Lines 375-376.

St. Vincent (musician) photo
William Dean Howells photo

„The wrecks of slavery are fast growing a fungus crop of sentiment.“

—  William Dean Howells author, critic and playwright from the United States 1837 - 1920

Their Wedding Journey http://www.gutenberg.org/files/3365/3365.txt (1872)

Matthew Arnold photo

„Coleridge, poet and philosopher wrecked in a mist of opium.“

—  Matthew Arnold English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools 1822 - 1888

Essays in Criticism, second series (1888)

Charles Henry Webb photo

„Of Christian souls more have been wrecked on shore
Than ever were lost at sea.“

—  Charles Henry Webb American poet 1834 - 1905

With a Nantucket Shell, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

Ernest Hemingway photo

„The good parts of a book may be only something a writer is lucky enough to overhear or it may be the wreck of his whole damn life — and one is as good as the other.“

—  Ernest Hemingway American author and journalist 1899 - 1961

Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald (4 September 1929); published in Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters 1917–1961 (1981) edited by Carlos Baker

Herman Melville photo

„The drama's done. Why then here does any one step forth? — Because one did survive the wreck.“

—  Herman Melville American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet 1818 - 1891

Moby-Dick: or, the Whale (1851)

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