„I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!“

p. 46

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attrice britannica 1929 - 1993

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„In the first-half we were like the Dog and Duck, in the second-half we were like Real Madrid. We can't go on like that. At full-time I was at them like an irritated Jack Russell.“

—  Ian Holloway English association football player and manager 1963

Happy Holloways - the crazy quotes which defined football in 2010, Goal.com, James, Daly, 2010-12-30, 2011-04-29 http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2010/12/30/2277614/happy-holloways-the-crazy-quotes-which-defined-football-in,
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„I spent five and a half years in prison. The worst part was coming home and finding out Green Acres had been cancelled. What the hell was I fighting for?“

—  John McCain politician from the United States 1936 - 2018

Comedy sketch on Late Night with Conan O'Brien http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Late_Night_with_Conan_O'Brien/celebritysecrets/mccain.shtml (2000)

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„The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell. We want Ward 8 to be the model of diversity.“

—  Marion Barry American politician and former mayor of Washington, D.C. 1936 - 2014

May 24, 2012 http://archive.is/R6lWp

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„I'd like to choose my own kind of death, for a change. I'm tired of being tormented to hell. Tired of it.“

—  Jim Jones founder and the leader of the Peoples Temple 1931 - 1978

" Death Tape http://jonestown.sdsu.edu/AboutJonestown/Tapes/Tapes/DeathTape/Q042fbi.html" FBI No. Q042 (18 November 1978)

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„Over a half-century has passed since the hell of the Holocaust, but its spectre still hangs over the world and doesn’t allow us to forget.“

—  Irena Sendler Polish resistance fighter and Holocaust rescuer 1910 - 2008

Letter to the Polish Senate (2007), quoted in "Irena Sendler: An Unsung Heroine" http://www.auschwitz.dk/Sendler.htm by Louis Bülow (2007)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“