„… far greater Advantages would come to pass amongst Christians, if they would cease from Contention, Oppression, and (what tends and disposes them thereunto,) the killing of Beasts, and eating their Flesh and Blood; and in a short time humane murthers, and devilish feuds and cruelties among each other, would abate, and perhaps scarce have a being amongst them.“

The Way to Health, Long Life and Happiness, London, 1697, p. 241 https://books.google.it/books?id=cQ83AQAAMAAJ&pg=PA241.

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mercante, scrittore e saggista inglese 1634 - 1703

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„When I was young, I thought I was the best formalist of my time. I thought I was a revolutionary. When the big problems would come, I would solve them and write about them. The big problems came and passed by, others solved them and wrote about them. I was a classicist and not a revolutionary.“

—  Wolfgang Pauli Austrian physicist, Nobel prize winner 1900 - 1958

As quoted in Faust in Copenhagen (2007) by Gino Segrè, p. 130.5, which cites The Historical Development of Quantum Theory (1982) by Jagdish Mehra and Helmut Rechenberg, vol 1 of 4, p. xxiv, and Inward Bound (1986) by Abraham Pais, p. 186

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„Can a political human being, who wants to call herself a socialist, in her wildest imagination believe that Swedish social democracy could ever resist the dictatorship of the few? In that case, this person would find herself amongst fools and idiots. But this desire to see something radical amongst the social democratic leadership is the curse of the common left.“

—  Frank Baude Swedish politician 1936

Frank Baude in Mot strömmen, pg 124. Translated from Swedish.
Originale: (sv) Kan en politisk människa som vill kalla sig socialist, i sin vildaste fantasi tro att en svensk socialdemokrati skulle gå emot fåtalsväldet? I så fall placerar den människan in sig i idioternas leder. Men just denna vilja att se en vänster hos socialdemokratins ledare är allmänvänsterns förbannelse.

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