„Despair is like forward children, who, when you take away one of their playthings, throw the rest into the fire for madness. It grows angry with itself, turns its own executioner, and revenges its misfortunes on its own head.“

As quoted in Treasury of Thought : Forming an encyclopædia of quotation from ancient and modern authors (1894) edited by Maturin Murray Ballou, p. 123

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Pierre Charron1
filosofo e teologo francese 1541 - 1603

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„Revenge proves its own executioner.“

—  John Ford (dramatist), The Broken Heart

Act IV, sc. i.
The Broken Heart (c. 1625-33)

John Ford photo

„Revenge proves its own executioner.“

—  John Ford American film director 1894 - 1973

Origine: The Broken Heart

Johannes Tauler photo
Bram Stoker photo

„Despair has its own calms.“

—  Bram Stoker, libro Dracula

Jonathan Harker
Origine: Dracula (1897)

Georg Büchner photo

„Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children.“

—  Georg Büchner, Danton's Death

Act I.
Dantons Tod (Danton's Death) (1835)

Alan Keyes photo

„We must reject dictatorship in whatever form it takes — and especially when it rears its head in our own midst on the bench.“

—  Alan Keyes American politician 1950

Reception in Winder, Georgia, September 11, 2003. http://renewamerica.us/archives/speeches/03_09_11reception.htm.

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„Madness has its own dynamism. It just goes on.“

—  Philip K. Dick, libro Valis

VALIS (1981)

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Saki photo

„The revenge of an elder sister may be long in coming, but, like a South-Eastern express, it arrives in its own good time.“

—  Saki British writer 1870 - 1916

"Reginald on Besetting Sins"
Reginald (1904)

Otto von Bismarck photo

„Every state must be aware that its peace, its security rests on its own sword.“

—  Otto von Bismarck German statesman, Chancellor of Germany 1815 - 1898

All the King's Men' A search for the colonial ideas of some advisers and "accomplices" of Leopold II (1853-1892). (Hannes Vanhauwaert), 5. A prospectus by the military Chazal and Brialmont, The military centipede Henri-Alexis Brialmont (1821-1893) http://www.ethesis.net/leopold_II/leopold_II.htm#2.%20 CROKAERT, P. Brialmont, 183.

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon photo

„Love is like the glass,
That throws its own rich colour over all,
And makes all beautiful.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

Roland's Tower
The Improvisatrice (1824)

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„Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness.“

—  George Jean Nathan American drama critic and magazine editor 1882 - 1958

From his book House of Satan

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Charles Fort photo

„If human thought is a growth, like all other growths, its logic is without foundation of its own, and is only the adjusting constructiveness of all other growing things.“

—  Charles Fort, libro Lo!

Pt 1, Ch. 4 http://www.resologist.net/lo104.htm
Lo! (1931)
Contesto: If human thought is a growth, like all other growths, its logic is without foundation of its own, and is only the adjusting constructiveness of all other growing things. A tree can not find out, as it were, how to blossom, until comes blossom-time. A social growth cannot find out the use of steam engines, until comes steam-engine-time. For whatever is supposed to be meant by progress, there is no need in human minds for standards of their own: this is in the sense that no part of a growing plant needs guidance of its own devising, nor special knowledge of its own as to how to become a leaf or a root. It needs no base of its own, because the relative wholeness of the plant is relative baseness to its parts. At the same time, in the midst of this theory of submergence, I do not accept that human minds are absolute nonentities, just as I do not accept that a leaf, or a root, of a plant, though so dependent upon a main body, and so clearly only a part, is absolutely without something of an individualizing touch of its own.
It is the problem of continuity-discontinuity, which perhaps I shall have to take up sometime.

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Ozzy Osbourne photo

„Turn that thing off, its driving me mad!“

—  Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter 1948

The Osbournes television show

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Frederick Douglass photo

„The principle must rest upon its own proper basis.“

—  Frederick Douglass American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman 1818 - 1895

1880s, Plea for Free Speech in Boston (1880)

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