„When a man paints a naked woman he gives her less than poor Nature did. I can conceive of few circumstances wherein I would have to paint a woman naked, but if I did I would not mutilate her for double the money. She is the most beautiful thing there is — except a naked man, but I never saw a study of one exhibited.“

—  Thomas Eakins, Letter to his father, Benjamin Eakins (1867), quoted in Lloyd Goodrich, Thomas Eakins: His Life and Work (1933).
Thomas Eakins photo
Thomas Eakins
pittore, fotografo e scultore statunitense 1844 - 1916

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„I would never have taken up painting if women did not have breasts.“

—  Pierre-Auguste Renoir French painter and sculptor 1841 - 1919
Tibballs Geoff, ‎Geoff Tibballs (2012) The Mammoth Book of Comic Quotes, p. 80

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„I would rather paint the victims than the killers... When Warhol painted the killers, I painted the victims. The subjects were of poor people, banal poor dogs.“

—  Gerhard Richter German visual artist, born 1932 1932
p. 56, note 79 comment on his painting 'Eight student nurses', compared with Warhol's art-work 'Thirteen most wanted man', in 1964

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„I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.“

—  E. B. White American writer 1899 - 1985
"Coon Tree," The New Yorker (14 June 1956), The Points of My Compass: Letters from the East, the West, the North, the South (1962); reprinted in Essays of E.B. White (1977)

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