„I sped through heaven and saw god at work. I suffered holy pains. I dropped all my defences and was afraid of nothing in the world. I accepted all things and to all things I gave up my heart.“

—  Hermann Hesse, book Steppenwolf, Steppenwolf (1927), p. 30
Hermann Hesse photo
Hermann Hesse279
scrittore, poeta e aforista tedesco 1877 - 1962

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„I believe with all my heart that the dream to evangelize the world in this generation will be accomplished by God's power working through his disciples. And to God be the glory!“

—  Kip McKean minister 1954
Revolution Through Restoration (1992-2002), http://www.kipmckean.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/Revolution_through_Restoration_1_2_3.pdf, Ending to Revoultion Through Restoration 1, 1992.

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„I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.“

—  Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
"Mad Girl's Love Song" http://www.angelfire.com/tn/plath/madgirl.html (1953) from Collected Poems (1981)

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„From my earliest years, the first thing that I saw was suffering.“

—  Buenaventura Durruti Spanish anarchist 1896 - 1936
Context: From my earliest years, the first thing that I saw was suffering. And if I couldn't rebel when I was a child, it was only because I was an unaware being then. But the sorrows of my grandparents and parents were recorded in my memory during those years of unawareness. How many times did I see our mother cry because she couldn't give us the bread that we asked for! And yet our father worked without resting for a minute. Why couldn't we eat the bread that we needed if our father worked so hard? That was the first question whose answer I found in social injustice. And, since that same injustice exists today, thirty years later, I don't see why, now that I'm conscious of this, that I should stop fighting to abolish it. I don't want to remind you of the hardships suffered by our parents until we got older and could help out the family. But then we had to serve the so-called fatherland. The first was Santiago. I still remember mother weeping. But even more strongly etched in my memory are the words of our sick grandfather, who sat there, disabled and next to the heater, punching his legs in anger as he watched his grandson go off to Morocco, while the rich bought workers' sons to take their children's place … Don't you see why I'll continue fighting as long as these social injustices exist? Letter to his family (31 October 1931) http://www.skeptic.ca/Durruti.htm

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Julian of Norwich photo
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