„The strength of a culture depends on its capacity to open itself up to other cultures, to integrate itself into them and to integrate them into it. It doesn't matter how many differences there may be, Habermas pointed out, everyone shares some principles. No culture tolerates the exploitation of human beings. No religion permits the murder of innocent people. No civilisation accepts violence or terror.“

"Peace is not a natural state of man, as the great pacifist Gandhi told us. But man can create it. If we have broken down walls that seemed unbreakable, we will not passively agree that more profound differences should their place."
5th Dec. 2005
Sources: Transcripción completa del discurso en la web de la ONU http://www.spainun.org/pages/viewfull.cfm?ElementID=2229&print=1. Many extracts taken from the press, e.g. Cadena Ser http://www.cadenaser.com/espana/articulo/alegato-terrorismo-primera-reunion-alianza/csrcsrpor/20051127csrcsrnac_1/Tes.
As President, 2005

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José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero13
politico spagnolo 1960

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Marine Le Pen photo

„The immigrationist religion is an insult for human beings, whose integrity is always bound to one national community, one language, one culture.“

—  Marine Le Pen French lawyer and politician 1968

Speech of Marine Le Pen at the summer festival of Frejus, Front National (September 2016) http://www.frontnational.com/videos/discours-de-marine-le-pen-aux-estivales-de-frejus/

Brigitte Bardot photo
Richard Rodríguez photo

„The genius of American culture and its integrity comes from fidelity to the light.“

—  Richard Rodríguez American journalist and essayist 1944

"Night and Day" in Frontiers (1990)
Contesto: The genius of American culture and its integrity comes from fidelity to the light. Plain as day, we say. Happy as the day is long. Early to bed, early to rise. American virtues are daylight virtues: honesty, integrity, plain speech. We say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no, and all else comes from the evil one. America presumes innocence and even the right to happiness.

Bethany Kennedy Scanlon photo

„Smart people learn to fit into different cultures without being influenced by them.“

—  Bethany Kennedy Scanlon 1975

"Adam Taylor", in The Prosperity Preacher (2009)

Nayef Al-Rodhan photo

„Justice is paramount to civilisational triumph because of its centrality to human dignity needs, the success of individual geo-cultural domains and the well-being of human civilisation.“

—  Nayef Al-Rodhan philosopher, neuroscientist, geostrategist, and author 1959

Origine: Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man (2009), p.219

Billy Joel photo
Nayef Al-Rodhan photo

„There is only one collective human civilisation comprised of geo-cultural domains and cultures.“

—  Nayef Al-Rodhan philosopher, neuroscientist, geostrategist, and author 1959

Origine: Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man (2009), p.28

Ayaan Hirsi Ali photo
Ken Wilber photo
Don Soderquist photo

„We as leaders, ought to model integrity every day. It starts with how we handle the dilemmas that may seem small. Your decisions and actions set the tone for the culture and reinforce the expectation of others.“

—  Don Soderquist 1934 - 2016

Don Soderquist “ Live Learn Lead to Make a Difference https://books.google.com/books?id=s0q7mZf9oDkC&lpg=pg=PP1&dq=Don%20Soderquist&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false, Thomas Nelson, April 2006 p. 147.
On Acting with Integrity

Amartya Sen photo

„Globalization is not in itself a folly: It has enriched the world scientifically and culturally and benefited many people economically as well.“

—  Amartya Sen Indian economist 1933

Amartya Sen, "Ten theses on globalization." New Perspectives Quarterly 18.4 (2001): 9-9.

Rollo May photo
Alfred North Whitehead photo

„A culture is in its finest flower before it begins to analyze itself.“

—  Alfred North Whitehead English mathematician and philosopher 1861 - 1947

Origine: Attributed from posthumous publications, Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead (1954), Ch. 22, August 17, 1941.

Christopher Hitchens photo

„That phrase, "loss of innocence," has become stale with overuse and diminishing returns; no other culture is so addicted to this narcissistic impression of itself as having any innocence to lose in the first place.“

—  Christopher Hitchens British American author and journalist 1949 - 2011

"The Road to West Egg" (2000).
2000s, 2000, Unacknowledged Legislation: Writers in the Public Sphere (2000)

Viktor Orbán photo

„Naturally, when considering the whole issue of who will live in Europe, one could argue that this problem will be solved by successful integration. The reality, however, is that we’re not aware of any examples of successful integration… In countering arguments for successful integration, we must also point out that if people with diverging goals find themselves in the same system or country, it won’t lead to integration, but to chaos. It’s obvious that the culture of migrants contrasts dramatically with European culture. Opposing ideologies and values cannot be simultaneously upheld, as they are mutually exclusive. To give you the most obvious example, the European people think it desirable for men and women to be equal, while for the Muslim community this idea is unacceptable, as in their culture the relationship between men and women is seen in terms of a hierarchical order. These two concepts cannot be upheld at the same time. It’s only a question of time before one or the other prevails. Of course one could also argue that communities coming to us from different cultures can be re-educated. But we must see – and Bishop Tőkés also spoke about this – that now the Muslim communities coming to Europe see their own culture, their own faith, their own lifestyles and their own principles as stronger and more valuable than ours. So, whether we like it or not, in terms of respect for life, optimism, commitment, the subordination of individual interests and ideals, today Muslim communities are stronger than Christian communities. Why would anyone want to adopt a culture that appears to be weaker than their own strong culture? They won’t, and they never will! Therefore re-education and integration based on re-education cannot succeed.“

—  Viktor Orbán Hungarian politician, chairman of Fidesz 1963

Nayef Al-Rodhan photo

„Each high point in the history of human civilisation has taken place where the conditions were ripe and has borrowed and built on the achievements of other cultures whose golden age may have passed.“

—  Nayef Al-Rodhan philosopher, neuroscientist, geostrategist, and author 1959

Origine: Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man (2009), p.138

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