„I could express my feelings more easily if they could be put into the notes of music, but as the very best concert would not cover my affection for you, dear daddy, I must use the simple words of my heart, to lay before you my utmost gratitude and filial affection“

—  Frédéric Chopin, As quoted in Chopin's Letter. Source: Chopin's Letter (1988) by Henryk Opieński,E. L. Voynich, p. 4
Frédéric Chopin photo
Frédéric Chopin9
compositore e pianista polacco 1810 - 1849

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„Most people have music in the center of their lives. I believe my work sheds light on how music affects us and why it is so influential.“

—  Susan McClary American musicologist 1946
from http://web.archive.org/20030225083736/www.ucla.edu/spotlight/archive/html_2001_2002/fac0502_mcclalry.html

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