„The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.“

The Sayings of Light and Love

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sacerdote e poeta spagnolo 1542 - 1591

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„It is best therefore to surrender all desires at the feet of God. He will do whatever is best for us. But one may pray for devotion and detachment. These cannot be classed as desires.“

—  Sarada Devi Hindu religious figure, spiritual consort of Ramakrishna 1853 - 1920

[Swami Tapasyananda, Swami Nikhilananda, Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother; Life and Conversations, 349]

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„The music I desire must be supple enough to adapt itself to the lyrical effusions of the soul and the fantasy of dreams.“

—  Claude Debussy French composer 1862 - 1918

As quoted in An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music (1981) by Nat Shapiro, p. 194

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„The soul which stops at creatures delays the course of the voyage by which it moves toward God; and by desiring to enjoy them, it proportionately deprives itself of the enjoyment of God.“

—  Pierre Nicole French Jansenists 1625 - 1695

Essais de Morale (1753), XII, 301, in The Bourgeois: Catholicism vs. Capitalism in Eighteenth-Century France (1927) as translated by Mary Ilford (1968), p. 118

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„The universe itself is God and the universal outpouring of its soul“

—  Chrysippus ancient Greek philosopher -281 - -208 a.C.

As quoted in De Natura Deorum by Cicero, i. 15.

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