„It was only in April 1974 that I was converted to Conservatism. (I had thought I was a Conservative but I now see that I was not really one at all.)“

—  Keith Joseph, 1970s, Keith Joseph, Reversing the Trend: A Critical Reappraisal of Conservative Economic and Social Policies (Barry Rose, 1975).
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Keith Joseph16
British barrister and politician 1918 - 1994

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„I thought I was a Conservative. I thought I was a Conservative, but all the time I was in favour of… I was in favour of shortcuts to Utopia. I was in favour of the government doing things, because I was so impatient for good things to be done.“

—  Keith Joseph British barrister and politician 1918 - 1994
1970s, Interview in 1975, broadcast in "The Commanding Heights: The Battle of Ideas", PBS http://mksnyder.org/globalization/TCHVideoText/tchone13-19.htm.

„All my life, I thought I was a Conservative. Now I know that I have never been one. The scales have dropped from my eyes.“

—  Keith Joseph British barrister and politician 1918 - 1994
1990s, Obituary http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-lord-joseph-1387217.html, The Independent, Monday 12 December 1994.

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„I believe I am best placed to lift this party, beat Jeremy Corbyn and excite people about conservatism and conservative values.“

—  Boris Johnson British politician, historian and journalist 1964
2010s, 2019, Tory leadership: Johnson warns party of risk of Brexit 'extinction' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48521389, BBC News, 5 June 2019

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„I see unhealthy signs of a new regime of religiosity and conservatism.“

—  George Alec Effinger Novelist, short story writer 1947 - 2002
What Entropy Means to Me (1972), Chapter 3 “A Woman’s Treachery” (p. 48).

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„I had on a beautiful red dress, but what I saw was even more valuable. I was strong. I was pure. I had genuine thoughts inside that no one could see, that no one could ever take away from me. I was like the wind.

—  Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club
American Acheivement interview (1996), Context: Reading for me was a refuge. I could escape from everything that was miserable in my life and I could be anyone I wanted to be in a story, through a character. It was almost sinful how much I liked it. That's how I felt about it. If my parents knew how much I loved it, I thought they would take it away from me. I think I was also blessed with a very wild imagination because I can remember, when I was at an age before I could read, that I could imagine things that weren't real and whatever my imagination saw is what I actually saw. Some people would say that was psychosis but I prefer to say it was the beginning of a writer's imagination. If I believed that insects had eyes and mouths and noses and could talk, that's what they did. If I thought I could see devils dancing out of the ground, that's what I saw. If I thought lightning had eyes and would follow me and strike me down, that's what would happen. And I think I needed an outlet for all that imagination, so I found it in books.

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