„We are all clever enough at envying a famous man while he is yet alive, and at praising him when he is dead.“

—  Mimnermo

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„He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him.“

—  Vladimir Putin President of Russia, former Prime Minister 1952

On Moshe Katsav NewsRu http://www.newsru.com/russia/19oct2006/olmert.html.

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„He was almighty quick at a time when a man was either quick or he was dead.“

—  Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer 1908 - 1988

Origine: The Quick and the Dead (1973), Ch. 4; L'amour here, and in the title of the work, uses a double entendre, with reference to archaic use of "quick" to mean "living" and a famous idiom regarding the living and the dead which originated in William Tyndale's English translation of the New Testament (1526), 2 Timothy 4:1: "I testifie therfore before god and before the lorde Iesu Christ which shall iudge quicke and deed at his aperynge in his kyngdom."
Contesto: He had seen Hyle shoot, and he had seen only one man he thought was as good... just one. He'd seen Con Vallian down in the Bald Knob country that time, and Con was quick. He was almighty quick at a time when a man was either quick or he was dead.

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„So the bastard's dead? Too bad we didn't capture him alive!“

—  Joseph Stalin General secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1879 - 1953

Said in April 1945 — On hearing of Hitler's suicide, as quoted in The Memoirs of Georgy Zhukov http://militera.lib.ru/memo/russian/zhukov1/22.html
Contemporary witnesses

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„A worthy man is bound to suffer malice and envy: a man grows in worth so long as he is envied.“

—  Gottfried von Straßburg, libro Tristan

Hazzen unde nîden
daz muoz der biderbe lîden.
der man der werdet al die vrist,
die wîle und er geniten ist.
Origine: Tristan, Line 8395

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„There is only one dream worth having…to live while you are alive, and die only when you are dead.“

—  Arundhati Roy Indian novelist, essayist 1961

From a speech entitled Come September http://ada.evergreen.edu/~arunc/texts/politics/comeSeptember.pdf.
Origine: The Cost of Living

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