„Modern football is akin to a turbulent sea. Changes come fast and furious. One may be riding the crest of great waves before being engulfed in enormous crescendos of confusion. Sometimes is can be like surfboarding in the South Atlantic. You do the best you can to stay afloat while all the time fully understanding the fact that things can come crashing down around you. If you worry about the consequences you miss the thrill of the ride.“

—  Damien Richardson, City Edition, Vol. 22, Issue 1, p. 7.
Damien Richardson photo
Damien Richardson7
Irish footballer and manager 1947

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„Washington was the right man at the right time – sometimes he was the first man, but sometimes he simply knew when to ride the crest of a wave or the leading edge of a trend.“

—  Alan Axelrod American historian 1952
Alan Axelrod in an interview with Frank R. Shaw, Aug 23, 2007 http://www.electricscotland.com/familytree/frank/axelrod.htm.

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„You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.“

—  Milan Kundera Czech author of Czech and French literature 1929
Context: Do you realize that people don't know how to read Kafka simply because they want to decipher him? Instead of letting themselves be carried away by his unequaled imagination, they look for allegories — and come up with nothing but clichés: life is absurd (or it is not absurd), God is beyond reach (or within reach), etc. You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself. Interview with Christian Salmon (Fall 1983), Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Series Seven [Viking, 1988, ], pp. 217-218

„p>Fierce and gentle,
Loud and silent,
The river doesn't understand itself.
The wave doesn't find itself, until it reaches the sea.Oh the wave passes,
And the waves to come will be the same.
Hunger for love
Is strong in the heart.Standing before the waves,
I think of you and me.
I think of the great sea
And I wonder where the waves come from.The waves must come from the wind.
And I wonder where the wind comes from,
And I wonder
When will we love each other again?The waves deep in the sea
And the waves on the sea's surface
Long for the shore of the sea.
Day and night the waves cannot sleep
As I can not sleep, even in dreams,
Because of my longing for you.When I go to the North,
Or to the South,
When I go anywhere, I think of you,
My only direction.Out in the great sea
Thousands of waves are pushing,
Which one never reachs the shore
Even miles and miles from home?Life is so long;
Years and months go by.
Like the sea, life is endless.
Clouds fly to the distant horizon.How can I become
Like the hundreds of thousands of small waves
In the great sea of love
And lap forever against your shore?“

—  Xuân Quỳnh poet 1942 - 1988
"Sóng" (29-12-1967), <p>Dữ dội và dịu êm ồn ào và lặng lẽ Sóng không hiểu nổi mình Sóng tìm ra tận bể</p><p>Ôi con sóng ngày xưa Và ngày sau vẫn thế Nỗi khát vọng tình yêu Bồi hồi trong ngực trẻ</p><p>Trước muôn trùng sóng bể Em nghĩ về anh, em Em nghĩ về biển lớn Từ nơi nào sóng lên?</p><p>- Sóng bắt đầu từ gió Gió bắt đầu từ đâu? Em cũng không biết nữa Khi nào ta yêu nhau</p><p>Con sóng dưới lòng sâu Con sóng trên mặt nước Ôi con sóng nhớ bờ Ngày đêm không ngủ được Lòng em nhớ đến anh Cả trong mơ còn thức</p><p>Dẫu xuôi về phương Bắc Dẫu ngược về phương Nam Nơi nào em cũng nghĩ Hướng về anh - một phương</p><p>Ở ngoài kia đại dương Trăm nghìn con sóng đó Con nào chẳng tới bờ Dù muôn vời cách trở</p><p>Cuộc đời đi dài thế Năm tháng vãn đi qua Như biển kia dẫu rộng Mây vẫn bay về xa</p>Làm sao được tan ra Thành trăm con sóng nhỏ Giữa biển lớn tình yêu Ðể ngàn năm còn vỗ.

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„When there's nothing you can do except worry, that's a good time to worry.“

—  Steven Brust American fantasy and science fiction author 1955
Kiera the Thief, in Orca (1996), Ch. 14

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