„Capitalism is the immoral distribution of capital… Germany will become free at that moment when the thirty millions on the left and the thirty millions on the right make common cause. Only one movement is capable of doing this: National Socialism, embodied in one Führer – Adolf Hitler.“

Goebbels’ “Lenin or Hitler” speech first delivered on September 17, 1925

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Joseph Göbbels photo
Joseph Göbbels15
politico e giornalista tedesco 1897 - 1945

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Gregor Strasser photo

„We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism.“

—  Gregor Strasser German politician, rival of Adolf Hitler inside the Nazi Psrty 1892 - 1934

As quoted in "Wars, Revolutions, Dictatorships", by Stanislav Andreski - History - (1992)

Pope Leo X photo

„Made thirty, we should make thirty-one“

—  Pope Leo X Pope from 1513 to 1521 1475 - 1521

Statement (1 July 1517), when he created 30 new cardinals. Another priest, who seemed to him also worthy, was nominated during the ceremony.

Louis Auguste Blanqui photo

„I am accused of having told thirty million French people, proletarians like me, that they had the right to live.“

—  Louis Auguste Blanqui French socialist and political activist 1805 - 1881

"Auguste Blanqui’s Defence Speech at the ‘Trial of the Fifteen’" (12 January 1832)

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Ted Malloch photo

„The free economy is not the enemy but the friend of social capital.“

—  Ted Malloch American businessman 1952

Origine: Doing Virtuous Business (Thomas Nelson, 2011), p. 9.

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Vanna Bonta photo

„Thirty-six million / miles of whispering welcome. / Mars, you called us home.“

—  Vanna Bonta Italian-American writer, poet, inventor, actress, voice artist (1958-2014) 1958 - 2014

Haiku aboard NASA spaceship MAVEN, Mars mission (2013)

John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher photo

„We left our element, the sea, to make ourselves into a conscript nation fighting on the Continent with four million soldiers out of a population of forty millions.“

—  John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher Royal Navy admiral of the fleet 1841 - 1920

p. 53. https://archive.org/stream/memoriesbyadmira00fishuoft#page/53/mode/1up
Memories (1919) https://archive.org/stream/memoriesbyadmira00fishuoft#page/n0/mode/2up

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