„Of all the players I have played alongside, managed and coached in more than 40 years at Anfield, he is the most talented.“

Bob Paisley ( Source http://football-rumours.com/kennydalglish.html)

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Kenny Dalglish1
allenatore di calcio e ex calciatore britannico 1951

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Paul Scholes photo
Steven Gerrard photo

„Alex Ferguson is obviously one of the most successful coaches the game has ever had. But I did find his comments about Steven Gerrard very strange. To say he is not a top player is wrong. For two or three years, Steven Gerrard was the best midfield player in the world. Even now he is playing at a high level for ­Liverpool and England.“

—  Steven Gerrard English footballer 1980

Zinedine Zidane on Steven Gerrard, (23rd of October 2013): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2477801/Zinedine-Zidane-rubbishes-Sir-Alex-Fergusons-Steven-Gerrard-criticism.html

Roger Federer photo

„Roger Federer is the most talented tennis player I have ever seen. He has the capacity to become the greatest in history.“

—  Roger Federer Swiss tennis player 1981

Nick Bollettieri. http://thestar.co.za/general/print_article.php?fArticleId=2235877

Paul Scholes photo
Andy Gray (footballer born 1955) photo

„My school was 17 years as a player and another 16 watching more games probably than any coach has - all over the world, all systems. I couldn't go to school and write it down for people who are far less experienced, telling me what to do and how to do it.“

—  Andy Gray (footballer born 1955) footballer, commentator 1955

Andy on the experience he as gained over the years.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/sport/football.html?in_article_id=370173&in_page_id=1779&in_a_source=&ct=5

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Tony Esposito photo

„I had a great time, and I always took care of my body. That's the thing some players don't. For a goalie, there's no reason he can't play until he's 40 if he takes care of himself. The reflexes are still there.“

—  Tony Esposito American ice hockey goaltender 1943

Quoted in Andrew Podnieks, "One on One with Tony Esposito," http://www.legendsofhockey.net/html/spot_oneononep198801.htm Legends of Hockey.net (2002-03-04)
Esposito comments on his NHL career.

Ian McCulloch photo

„I wanna play football for the coach — Liverpool’s coach!“

—  Ian McCulloch singer, musician 1959

Rolling Stone magazine (2009)

Eyal Berkovic photo

„I am prepared to retire (from playing) today…and coach the national team. Maybe it's time to bring in new blood, people who understand today's players, their psyche. If they ask me, I'll do it. It's an honour to coach the national team.“

—  Eyal Berkovic Israeli footballer and manager 1972

When asked about what the IFA should do after Avraham Grant did not qualify the national team for the World Cup in 2006. [Berkovic ready to coach national side, Eurosport, 23 October 2005, http://www.eurosport.com/football/world-cup-2006-qualifying2/2004/sport_sto781152.shtml, 27 March, 2007]

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. photo

„To be 70 years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be 40 years old.“

—  Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. United States Supreme Court justice 1841 - 1935

Almost certainly attributable to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., who is, in various sources, credited with having said this in letters to Harriet Beecher Stowe (who turned 70 in 1881) and Julia Ward Howe (who turned 70 in 1889), as well as having made the commented about himself. Holmes, Sr. reached the age of 70 in 1879, while Holmes, Jr. reached that age in 1911, some time after the earliest reports of this quote.

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José Mourinho photo

„I was more influenced by Barças philosophy than by any other coach. They were four years of my life absolutely fundamental.“

—  José Mourinho Portuguese association football player and manager 1963

Chelsea FC, Doctorate Honoris Causa degree award (23 March 2009)

Miles Davis photo
Algis Budrys photo

„You know, even more than playing chess, I dislike dealing with self-righteous chess players.“

—  Algis Budrys, libro Michaelmas

Origine: Michaelmas (1977), Chapter 7 (p. 98)

Larry Bird photo

„I have really enjoyed coaching. It's a great experience. Every player should have the chance to do it. The problem is, I'm not that good at it.“

—  Larry Bird basketball player and coach 1956

Peter Vecsey (May 26, 2000) "Looks Like Larry's Indy Mood to Stay", New York Post.

Terrell Owens photo

„He's a coach's dream. He's been really wonderful for the other guys I coach. Why? His work ethic, he has a great passion for playing the game; he's made my job easier.“

—  Terrell Owens former American football wide receiver 1973

David Culley — reported in Doug Lesmerises (February 2, 2005) "Receivers coach says Owens a gem - T.O. a role model for young players", The News Journal, p. C7.

„I managed to fail Arts I, a course that a moderately intelligent amoeba could have passed without special coaching.“

—  Robert Hughes Australian critic, historian, writer 1938 - 2012

Things I Didn't Know (2006)

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Sania Mirza photo

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