„Having a child changes every aspect of your life — for the better, of course. The sacrifices are large, but what you get in return is even bigger than the sacrifices you make. I feel, in a sense, ready to die because you are living on in your child. Not literally, not ready to die — but you know, that sort of feeling in a profound way.“

November 2007 interview remarks quoted by Susan Chenery, "Who Is That Man?" http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23097733-15803,00.html, In Touch Weekly, January 23, 2008.

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attore australiano 1979 - 2008

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„You should continue carrying your arms, ready to sacrifice your lives in defence against these belligerent attacks“

—  Ali Abdullah Saleh President of North Yemen from 1978 to 1990; President of Yemen from 1990 to 2011 1947 - 2017

Referring to the Houthis (members of a rebel group) in Yemen, as quoted in "Will the Houthis abandon Ali Abdullah Saleh?" at english.alarabiya.net (4 June 2015) http://english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/middle-east/2015/06/04/Will-the-Houthis-abandon-Ali-Abdullah-Saleh-.html

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„So long as you are ready to die for Humanity, the life of your country is immortal.“

—  Giuseppe Mazzini Italian patriot, politician and philosopher 1805 - 1872

On the Duties of Man (1844-58)

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„You got to be ready to die every day - then you got a chance.“

—  Daniel Woodrell Novelist 1953

Origine: Winter's Bone

„If you're not ready to die, then how can you live?“

—  Charles de Lint author 1951

Svaha (2000), p. 265

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