„Whom the gods love, die young.“

—  Mimnermo

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poeta greco antico -670

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„Whom the gods love dies young.“

—  Menander Athenian playwright of New Comedy -342 - -291 a.C.

[Epigramatic] Sentences, 425
He whom the gods love dies young.
The Double Deceiver, frag. 4.
Originale: (el) ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν ἀποθνῄσκει νέος
Variante: ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν, ἀποθνῄσκει νέος.
Origine: Menander: The Plays and Fragments

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„Those whom the gods love grow young.“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900

A humorous reference to Menander's "ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν ἀποθνῄσκει νέος [whom the gods love dies young]".
A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated (1894)

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„Only the young die good.“

—  Oliver Herford American writer 1863 - 1935

Speaker's Handbook of Epigrams and Witticisms (1955), p. 70.

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„Only the good die young.“

—  Billy Joel American singer-songwriter and pianist 1949

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„Young brid
Be alive till they say to you
Die! Die!“

—  Sengai Japanese artist 1750 - 1837

Japanese Death Poems. Compiled by Yoel Hoffmann. ISBN 978-0-8048-3179-6

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„I may die young, but at least I'll die smart.“

—  John Green, libro Cercando Alaska

Alaska Young, p. 52
Looking for Alaska (2005)

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William Hazlitt photo

„No young man believes he shall ever die.“

—  William Hazlitt English writer 1778 - 1830

"On the Feeling of Immortality in Youth"
Table Talk: Essays On Men And Manners http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Essays/TableHazIV.htm (1821-1822)

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„I'm a Shadowhunter. Quip fast, die young.“

—  Cassandra Clare, libro Shadowhunters - Signora della Mezzanotte

Origine: Lady Midnight

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