„What interests me is to paint the kind of anti-sensitivity that impregnates modern civilization. I think art since Cezanne has become extremely romantic and unrealistic, feeding on art. It is Utopian. It has less and less to do with the world. It looks inward — neo-Zen and all that. Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn't look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.“

Quote of Lichtenstein in: Interview by G.R. Swenson (1963); as quoted in Painters on Painting, Eric Protter (1971) p. 263

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Roy Lichtenstein photo
Roy Lichtenstein6
artista statunitense 1923 - 1997

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Roy Lichtenstein photo
Roy Lichtenstein photo
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„Almost all new French art [ French Impressionism ] has for me a flat, empty character without any distance and depth in colors. The paintings look like white sheets of paper with colors on it.“

—  Jacob Maris Dutch painter 1837 - 1899

Bijna alle nieuwe Fransche kunst [Impressionisme] heeft voor mij een plat, leeg karakter zonder afstand en diepte in kleur. De schilderijen lijken witte velletjes papier met kleurtjes erop.
Quote of Jacob Maris, in: 'Veerpont - Jacob Maris', Frank van der Velden https://www.rembrandtcirkel.nl/ul/cms/attachment/file/document/6/0/7/607/607/1/veerpont.pdf; Vereniging Rembrandt, Spring 2005, p. 24
he lived for several years in Paris, till 1871

„Often it seems the more ‘scholarship’ one has, the less innovative one becomes. One can increasingly rest upon their knowledge of prior art to solve what looks like a new problem.“

—  Stephen F Bush

Bush, Stephen F., Keynote Speech, First IEEE International Conference on Communications 2012 Workshop on Telecommunications: From Research to Standards July 18, 2012.

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„Always when I look at anyone's art, I get flashes of the person. If I walk into a room and there's a painting by Joan Mitchell, I say, "There's Joannie." Or Grace, if it's Grace Hartigan. And to me all art is self-portraits.“

—  Elaine de Kooning American painter 1918 - 1989

Quote in: an tape-recorded interview with Elaine de Kooning on August 27, 1981 http://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/interviews/oral-history-interview-elaine-de-kooning-11999; conducted by Phyllis Tuchman, for the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution: Oral Histories.
1972 - 1989

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„There is
one art,
no more,
no less:
to do
all things
with art-

—  Piet Hein Danish puzzle designer, mathematician, author, poet 1905 - 1996

Ars Brevis

„Pop Art is not painting because painting must have content and emotion.“

—  Grace Hartigan American artist 1922 - 2008

As quoted in "Grace Hartigan, 86, Abstract Painter, Dies" in The New York Times (18 November 2008)

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„Future art that is based on appearances won't look like the art that's gone before. Even revivals of a period are not the same.“

—  David Hockney British artist 1937

From a series of interviews with Marco Livingstone (April 22 - May 7, 1980 and July 6 - 7, 1980) quoted in Livingstone's David Hockney (1981) , p. 112
Contesto: When conventions are old, there's quite a good reason, it's not arbitrary. So Picasso discovered that, as it were, and I'm sure that for him that was probably almost as exciting as discovering Cubism, rediscovering conventions of ordinary appearance, one-point perspective or something. The purists think you're going backwards, but I know you'd go forward. Future art that is based on appearances won't look like the art that's gone before. Even revivals of a period are not the same. The Renaissance is not the same as ancient Greece; the Gothic revival is not the same as Gothic. It might look like that at first, but you can tell it's not. The way we see things is constantly changing. At the moment the way we see things has been left a lot to the camera. That shouldn't necessarily be.

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