„As to what I would like to be. It is difficult to say. An Artist of some kind. If nothing else I shall always study the Arts. People have always frightened and bored me, consequently I have been within my own shell and have not accomplished anything materially.“

—  Jackson Pollock, Quote in Pollock's letter, Los Angeles 22 October, 1929 to Charles and Frank in New York; published in: Jackson Pollock (2011) American Letters: 1927-1947. p. 16
Jackson Pollock photo
Jackson Pollock3
pittore statunitense 1912 - 1956

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„I've been nine stone for 20 years, I always eat what I want, it's not an issue for me. But it pisses me off - because if people did decide that I starved myself, it would have a direct consequence on what we advocate!“

—  Trinny Woodall English fashion advisor and designer, television presenter and author 1964
Regarding Woodall's reaction to claims she is too skinny; as quoted in "God's gift to women" by Barbara Ellen in The Guardian (16 September 2007)

E.M. Forster photo
Oscar Wilde photo

„Indeed I have always been of the opinion that hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing to do.“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900
" The Remarkable Rocket http://www.online-literature.com/wilde/179/".

Lalu Prasad Yadav photo
Aubrey Beardsley photo

„I have always done my sketches, as people would say, for the fun of it... I have worked to amuse myself, and if it has amused the public as well, so much the better for me.“

—  Aubrey Beardsley English illustrator and author 1872 - 1898
In an interview with <i>The Idler</i> (1896), as quoted in Aubrey Beardsley : A Biography (1999) by Matthew Sturgis, p. 309

Heidi Klum photo

„My mom gave me a lot of advice. I would say the biggest advice is to always have fun. Treat people well, have respect for everybody and, therefore, you will be respected. Have fun in your life!“

—  Heidi Klum German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and actress 1973
Interview with Modelinia.com http://www.modelinia.com/videos/mobile-style-spy--heidi-klum/527, May 2010

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José de San Martín photo

„My promises to the people for whom I have waged war have been fulfilled — to accomplish their independence and leave the choice of their rulers to their own will.“

—  José de San Martín Argentine general and independence leader 1776 - 1850
Context: I have witnessed the declaration of independence of the States of Chile and Peru. I hold in my hand the standard carried by Pizarro when he enslaved the Empire of the Incas, and I am no longer a public man. Ten years of revolution and war have been repaid to me with usury. My promises to the people for whom I have waged war have been fulfilled — to accomplish their independence and leave the choice of their rulers to their own will. The presence of an unfortunate soldier, however disinterested he may be, is not desirable in newly constituted states. On the other hand, I am tired of having it said that I wish to make myself King. In short, I shall always be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the liberty of the country, but as in the character of a simple private citizen and in no other. As for my conduct in public office, my compatriots, as is usually the case, will divide their opinions; their children will render true judgment. Peruvians, I leave you with your national representation established. If you place your entire confidence in it, count on succes; if not, anarchy will destroy you. May Heaven preside over your destinies and may you reach the summit of happiness and peace. Farewell address to the Peruvian people (20 September 1822), as quoted in '‪Captain of the Andes : The Life of José de San Martín, Liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru (1943) b‬y Margaret Hayne Harrison, p. 159

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