„I've seen this before yeah I've been there too,
This aint for me.. not what I want,
I've loved honestly and it always hurts,
Can't feel this no more.. it's gotta be true.“

"Not Gonna Fall", Dream.
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Malaysian singer; Malaysian Idol winner 1978

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„If someone tells me that I've hurt their feelings I'm still waiting to hear what your point is.“

—  Christopher Hitchens British American author and journalist 1949 - 2011

Authors@Google, August 16, 2007, YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD0B-X9LJjs&feature=youtu.be&t=1h6m59s
2000s, 2007

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„I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.“

—  John Green American author and vlogger 1977

Incorrectly attributed to John Green on various quotation sites and on social media.

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„I would never say "I'm straight, I'm bisexual, I'm gay." I feel like I will fall in love with a human being for who they are. I'm not afraid to say I've been attracted to a woman before and I've kissed girls before and been in love with them before. I've never really had a girlfriend or anything and I would never say I'm anything, really. I don't have an identity in that way.“

—  Kate Nash English pop singer and actor 1987

Origine: [Bendix, Trish, Kate Nash: "I would never say I’m straight. I don’t have an identity in that way.", https://www.afterellen.com/more/76790-kate-nash-i-would-never-say-im-straight-i-dont-have-an-identity-in-that-way, After Ellen, 18 July 2010, 13 November 2013]

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„I hate smiling. It makes me feel weak and powerless and small. I've always been like that; I don't smile in any pictures.“

—  Billie Eilish American singer-songwriter 2001


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