„I like playing music because it's a good living and I get satisfaction from it. But I can't feed my family with satisfaction.“

Playboy, April 2001

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cantante e chitarrista statunitense 1963

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„My friends liked it. My family liked it. I thought, 'If they all like it why can't everyone like it?' I knew I could get an audience.“

—  Craig Benzine Filmmaker, comedian, presenter 1980

In response of the question: "After years and 100 videos you only had 32 subscribers? Wasn't that frustrating? What kept you going? Didn't you feel like giving up?"

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„Playing music is something I would like to do my whole life.“

—  Ross Mintzer American musician and performer 1987

From an interview before performing at the 47th Annual Grammy Music Awards in Los Angeles(9 February 2014) http://www.larchmontgazette.com/2005/articles/20050209mintzer.html

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Charles Mingus photo

„In my music, I'm trying to play the truth of what I am. The reason it's difficult is because I'm changing all the time.“

—  Charles Mingus American jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader 1922 - 1979

Statement to Nat Hentoff, as quoted in California Rock, California Sound : The Music of Los Angeles and Southern California (1979) by Anthony Fawcett, p. 56; also in “Jazz : Beyond Time and Nations” in The Nat Hentoff Reader (2001), Part 2 : The Passion of Creation, p. 99

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„I was a French Quarter rat from the moment I could get on a bus by myself and go to the French Quarter. I played music most of my early life and it just seemed that to entertain people was a really good thing to do.“

—  John Larroquette born 1947; American film, television and stage actor 1947

Responding to the question, "When did you know that the acting thing was for you?" during an interview with Tavis Smiley, http://www.pbs.org/kcet/tavissmiley/archive/200804/20080411_larroquette.html Tavis Smiley Tonight (2008-10-18).

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„…When I was a kid, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Even when I started playing music, I had no idea that I would get to this point in my professional life…“

—  Pete Escovedo Mexican-American jazz musician and percussionist 1935

On whether Escovedo knew he had staying power as a musician in “Pete Escovedo: Rhythms of Life” https://jazztimes.com/features/interviews/pete-escovedo-rhythms/ in Jazz Times (2017 Nov 23)

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„I should get a weekend show where all I do is play country music.“

—  Jerry Springer American television presenter, former lawyer, politician, news presenter, actor, and musician 1944

Springer On The Radio for Air America Radio, July 22nd 2005

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„Lets you and I try to live on food stamps in New Jersey (high cost of living) and feed a family for a week or month. U game?“

—  Cory Booker 35th Class 2 senator for New Jersey in U.S. Congress 1969

[Fallon, Kevin, Cory Booker Rescues a Freezing Dog & 9 Other Things He Has Saved, https://www.thedailybeast.com/cory-booker-rescues-a-freezing-dog-and-9-other-things-he-has-saved?ref=scroll, 21 August 2018, The Daily Beast, January 26, 2013]
Via Twitter, in response to a tweet asking "Why is there a family today that is ‘too poor’ to afford breakfast?" Booker would go on to do exactly that. He later told CBS that it had been a "terrible state of human existence", and continued "I'll be honest with you. I take so much for granted, even going to Starbucks and buying a cup of coffee is more than my daily food allowance right now," as quoted in [Bailey, Holly, Cory Booker’s week on food stamps: political ambition amid the burned sweet potatoes, https://www.yahoo.com/news/blogs/ticket/cory-booker-week-food-stamps-political-ambition-amid-101008142--election.html, 21 August 2018, Yahoo! News, December 11, 2012]

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„Hollywood is about playing the game, and I can't think of any successful actresses who didn't play the game. there's a lot more renegades in the music business, from Patti Smith to Janis Joplin.“

—  Madonna American singer, songwriter, and actress 1958

Aperture Magazine 1999 http://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-interviews-articles/aperture-magazine-summer-1999

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