„Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition — in having to put forth the best within you.“

"How to Capture Life's Greatest Values" in Reader's Digest, Vol. 56 (January 1950), p. 18 http://books.google.com/books?id=HlQQAAAAIAAJ&q=%22Live+daringly+boldly+fearlessly+Taste+the+relish+to+be+found+in+competition+in+having+to+put+forth+the+best+within+you%22&pg=PA18#v=onepage

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Henry John Kaiser photo
Henry John Kaiser
ingegnere statunitense 1882 - 1967

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„Go boldly forth, my simple lay,
Whose accents flow with artless ease,
Like orient pearls at random strung.“

—  William Jones Anglo-Welsh philologist and scholar of ancient India 1746 - 1794

A Persian Song of Hafiz, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). Compare: "'T was he that ranged the words at random flung, Pierced the fair pearls and them together strung", Eastwick: Anvari Suhaili. (Translated from Firdousi).

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„I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900

As quoted in Oscar Wilde : An Idler's Impression (1917) http://books.google.com/books?id=ddAVAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=edgar+saltus+wilde&cd=3#v=snippet&q=satisfied&f=false by Edgar Saltus, p. 20

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„Put the dwarf within you to sleep.“

—  Anthony Robbins Author, actor, professional speaker 1960

Origine: Awaken the Giant Within (1992), p. 76

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„once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up“

—  Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath 1452 - 1519

Origine: Leonardo on Painting: An Anthology of Writings by Leonardo Da Vinci with a Selection of Documents Relating to His Career

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