„I would say, we can't allow ourselves to be frightened into not living our lives, and I think that we have to keep going and we have to keep going with the faith that thing will get better … And things will get better when we make them better.“

—  Oprah Winfrey, Interview on Entertainment Tonight, as quoted in "Oprah Winfrey Offers Words of Wisdom in Wake of Deadly Las Vegas Shooting", KTVB (2 October 2017)
Oprah Winfrey photo
Oprah Winfrey3
conduttrice televisiva e attrice statunitense 1954

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„I would think a faith in God is one thing. I think that if we could change the whole world and keep the land is another thing. Change things yet keep keep the relationship is another thing.“

—  Ernest J. Gaines Novelist, short story writer, teacher 1933 - 2019
Gaines response after being asked: "Do you also see things in that world that you wish could be retained?", as quoted by Marcia Gaudet and Carl WootonPorch in Talk with Ernest Gaines: Conversations on the Writer's Craft http://books.google.es/books?id=JtRNfST4g_QC&hl=es&source=gbs_navlinks_s (1990)

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„I think we really have to stand for something. I think we give the customer better value.“

—  Charlie Ergen American businessman 1953
Interview with CNBC's David Faber http://www.cnbc.com/2015/05/14/cnbc-exclusive-cnbc-transcript-dish-chairman-ceo-charlie-ergen-speaks-with-cnbcs-david-faber-on-squawk-on-the-street-today.html (2015)

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„I think in our desire to create a better America, we have to have civilized debate in this country and not just yelling.“

—  Craig Ferguson Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist 1962

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„I can't think of average. I have to go for the long ball. We have only Stargell to hit homers. You need more than one man. We have the best leadoff man in baseball in Matty Alou. He will get on base. We have to get the long hits.“

—  Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player 1934 - 1972
Baseball-related, <big><big>1960s</big></big>, <big>1969</big>, As quoted in "'Give Us Strollers, Not Swingers,' Shouts Shepard" by Charley Feeney, in The Sporting News (July 12, 1969), p. 23

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“