„Your skull in gold will be more valuable than others, being solid all through.“

—  Tim Powers, Chapter 12 (p. 345)
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Tim Powers3
scrittore statunitense 1952

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„Silver is sometimes more valuable than gold, that is, in large quantities.“

—  G. K. Chesterton English mystery novelist and Christian apologist 1874 - 1936
The Innocence of Father Brown (1911) The Queer Feet

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„Your life is worth much more than gold.“

—  Bob Marley Jamaican singer, songwriter, musician 1945 - 1981
Jamming, from the album Exodus (1977)

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„The police case was very simple, because the robbers had been caught in the act of shifting the bullion; and as gold bars are more valuable than human lives, the robbers were given longer sentences than if they had been murderers.“

—  Arthur Calder-Marshall English novelist, essayist, critic, memoirist and biographer 1908 - 1992
Mascott, R. D. (pseud. Arthur Calder-Marshall). The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½. London: Jonathan Cape. 1967.

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„You're solid gold, I'll see you in hell.“

—  Josh Homme American musician 1973
"You Can't Quit Me Baby", Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

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„A good reputation is more valuable than money.“

—  Publilio Siro Latin writer 100
Honesta fama melior pecunia est. Maxim 108

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