„My own life has convinced me that the limitations most of us encounter in our relations with other animals reflect not their shortcomings, as we so often assume, but our own narrow views about who they are and the kinds of relationships we can have with them. And so I conclude by urging anyone with an interest in animal rights to open your heart to the animals around you and find out for yourself what it's like to befriend a nonhuman person.“

Origine: Reflections (1999), p. 120

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Samuel Butler photo

„Animals and plants cannot understand our business, so we have denied that they can understand their own.“

—  Samuel Butler novelist 1835 - 1902

Organic and Inorganic
The Note-Books of Samuel Butler (1912), Part VI - Mind and Matter
Contesto: Animals and plants cannot understand our business, so we have denied that they can understand their own. What we call inorganic matter cannot understand the animals’ and plants’ business, we have therefore denied that it can understand anything whatever.

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Tom Regan photo
Lewis Gompertz photo

„I admit it as an axiom, that every animal has more right to the use of its own body than others have to use it.“

—  Lewis Gompertz Early animal rights activist 1783 - 1861

Quoted by Lawrence W. Baker in Animal Rights and Welfare: A Documentary and Reference Guide (2015), p. 38.

Melanie Joy photo
Wayne Pacelle photo

„Animals have their own rights. We’re animals too.“

—  Wayne Pacelle American activist 1965

"Sabotaging Animal Rights for Deer Hunt," 1986

Sharon Gannon photo
Barbara Kingsolver photo

„Our treatment of animals is the last moral frontier, the ultimate test of our humanity, the mirror by which we can see most deeply into our own souls.“

—  Bernard E. Rollin American philosopher 1943

"The Legal and Moral Bases of Animal Rights", in Ethics and Animals, edited by Harlan B. Miller and William H. Williams (Clifton, NJ: Humana Press, 1983), p. 118 https://books.google.it/books?id=JBPlBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA118.

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Cesar Millan photo

„Denial, they say, stands for"Don't even notice I am lying." Human beings are the only animals who are happily lied to by our own minds about what is actually happening around us.“

—  Cesar Millan Mexican - American dog trainer and television personality 1969

Origine: Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life

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John Steinbeck photo
Glenn Dorsey photo

„I'm passionate about animals. … I think animal protection is so important because they need love, too, just like we do. They’re with us through thick and thin, and it’s very important to protect them.“

—  Glenn Dorsey American football player, defensive lineman 1985

"Glenn Dorsey for PETA" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOxVeO-qZUc, video interview with PETA (15 December 2011).

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