„I started [acting] when I was a young teenager. My mom encouraged me to go to read for some stuff in Toronto, and I ended up doing a couple of crappy commercials and was like, "Oh, yeah, I'd like to do this!" And then kind of put it on the back burner, and then pursued it a little bit when I was in Toronto, like studying a little bit here and there. And I decided to move to New York and go to Lee Strasberg. And I kind of, for the first time ever, really felt like I was doing something that I enjoyed, and that I felt like I could conceivably be good at. And when those two things happen, [ironically] you're off to the races.“

"The Will Arnett Interview," Television Without Pity (2005) http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/articles/content/a1005/index-2.html

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Will Arnett
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„I kind of wanted to open it up a little bit more this time and kind of expose a little bit more of my vulnerable side. The most important thing for me was to share exactly how I felt because I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of people who can relate.“

—  Bert McCracken American musician 1982

On his music and lyrics relating to the audience, interview in Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times (November 5, 2004) "Whisper To a Scream The Used's Heartfeld Lyrics Are Half-Sung, Half-Shrieked", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PG Publishing Co.

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„When you see someone who looks like your mom there and she’s like ‘this puts so much of my pain into something concrete that I can hold,’…That’s when I’m like okay, I’m doing something right and I just want to keep doing it.“

—  Rupi Kaur Canadian poet 1992

On how she is glad that her work is reaching women just like her in “Rupi Kaur: 'There was no market for poetry about trauma, abuse and healing’” https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/aug/26/rupi-kaur-poetry-canada-instagram-banned-photo in The Guardian (2016 Aug 26)

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„I don't show up all the time. I only show up when I can and when I want to, but I was there at the Golden Globes and it's almost like there was an arc that started there. It doesn't end here.“

—  Frances McDormand American actress 1957

On the forms of social activism evident in the film industry's awards shows, in her 90th Oscars backstage interview (4 March 2018)
Contesto: I don't show up all the time. I only show up when I can and when I want to, but I was there at the Golden Globes and it's almost like there was an arc that started there. It doesn't end here. But I think publicly — as a commercial (because that's what we are, this is not a — this is not — this is not a novel — this is a TV show after all) — but I think that the message that we're getting to send to the public is that we're going to be one of the small industries that try to make a difference.

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„There were many times that I felt like a fish out of water, times that I really said to myself, 'do I even fit in.“

—  Indra Nooyi Indian-born, naturalized American, business executive 1955

Quoted in How PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi gave up cricket for baseball!, 25 March 2012, 18 December 2013, Economic Times http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-05-25/news/31852241_1_ceo-indra-nooyi-bat-and-ball-sport-david-novak,

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