„Lege atque lacrima.
Read-em and weep.“


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Tom Peters photo

„The Big Four: Out-read 'em. Out-study 'em. Out-present 'em. Out-listen 'em.“

—  Tom Peters American writer on business management practices 1942
November 4, 2010.

Cassandra Clare photo
Cassandra Clare photo
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Charles Reade photo

„Make 'em laugh; make 'em cry; make 'em wait.“

—  Charles Reade British writer 1814 - 1884
Advice given to an aspiring writer.

Heinz Guderian photo

„Boot 'em, don't spatter 'em!“

—  Heinz Guderian German general 1888 - 1954
As quoted in How Great Generals Win (1993) by Bevin Alexander, p. 227; this statement became a stock phrase which Hitler often repeated. It is comparable to the adage "Don't do things by half."

Arthur Miller photo

„Who weeps for these, weeps for corruption!“

—  Arthur Miller playwright from the United States 1915 - 2005
Deputy Governor Danforth

Isaac Watts photo

„When I can read my title clear
To mansions in the skies,
I'll bid farewell to every fear,
And wipe my weeping eyes.“

—  Isaac Watts English hymnwriter, theologian and logician 1674 - 1748
Hymn 65 Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Book II.

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Thomas Gray photo

„And weep the more, because I weep in vain.“

—  Thomas Gray English poet, historian 1716 - 1771
Sonnet, On the Death of Mr. West; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)


„If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em.“

—  Sherry Argov American writer
Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl—A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship

Dr. Seuss photo

„You make 'em, I amuse 'em.“

—  Dr. Seuss American children's writer and illustrator, co-founder of Beginner Books 1904 - 1991
Statement about children, as quoted in Enter, Conversing (1962) by Clifton Fadiman, p. 108

Charles Bukowski photo

„Let' em learn or let' em die“

—  Charles Bukowski American writer 1920 - 1994
Post Office

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