„I found that I had written a book which even bankers' daughters could read and weep over and feel good about. I swore to myself that if I every wrote another book, no one would weep over it; that it would be so hard and deep that they would have to face it without the consolation of tears.“

Origine: Native Son (1940), p. xxvii

Richard Wright (scrittore) photo
Richard Wright (scrittore)16
scrittore statunitense 1908 - 1960

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon photo

„I would not even have him weep
O'er his Italian love's last sleep.
Oh, tears are a most worthless token,
When hearts they would have soothed are broken.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

The Painter's Love from The London Literary Gazette (14th December 1822)
The Improvisatrice (1824)

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Oliver Goldsmith photo

„The first time I read an excellent book, it is to me just as if I had gained a new friend. When I read a book over I have perused before, it resembles the meeting with an old one.“

—  Oliver Goldsmith Irish physician and writer 1728 - 1774

Origine: The Citizen of the World, Or, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher, Residing in London, to His Friends in the Country, by Dr. Goldsmith

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Narendra Modi photo

„Be it sports, theatre activities or even reading a book, I would feel I should read faster and more books than the others. Lazing around is not in my nature.“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950

2011, Interview with C. S. S. Latha, 2011
Contesto: I have been an early riser since the beginning. My initial life demanded labour and effort for survival, so I am very hard working by nature. I would toil more than my peers. Be it sports, theatre activities or even reading a book, I would feel I should read faster and more books than the others. Lazing around is not in my nature. Even today, I don't avail a Sunday. I remember when I was a child, during the India–China war, 50 kilometres from my village; there was a railway junction from where the army was dispersing aid to the war field. I accompanied some young men who went there to serve tea and snacks and give a pep talk to boost the soldiers' spirits. I didn't know what exactly this whole act was about, but I was there[. ]

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Theodore Dalrymple photo

„There is no such thing, wrote Oscar Wilde, as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. Presumably, then, Mein Kampf would have been all right had it been better written.“

—  Theodore Dalrymple English doctor and writer 1949

Trash, Violence, and Versace: But Is It Art? http://www.city-journal.org/html/8_1_urbanities-trash.html (Winter 1998).
City Journal (1998 - 2008)

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John Waters photo
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Ernest Hemingway photo

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