„I am a recluse at present & do nothing but write & read & read & write“

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Katherine Mansfield4
scrittrice neozelandese 1888 - 1923

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„Please do not worry, I never read anything which you write.“

—  Mohammad Hidayatullah 11th Chief Justice of India 1905 - 1992
When a colleague in the court had sent him disparaging remarks on the sides and as a foot note on his draft of a judgement with the comment “Please do not read the marginal comments. They are not for your eyes."

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„It is better to be able neither to read nor write than to be able to do nothing else.“

—  William Hazlitt English writer 1778 - 1830
Table Talk: Essays On Men And Manners http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Essays/TableHazIV.htm (1821-1822), "On the Ignorance of the Learned"

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„If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.“

—  Benjamin Franklin American author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, a… 1706 - 1790

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„I do not feel like spending the rest of my life writing books that no one will read. It is not as though I wanted to write them.“

—  Samuel Beckett Irish novelist, playwright, and poet 1906 - 1989
Context: I think the next little bit of excitement is flying. I hope I am not too old to take it up seriously, nor too stupid about machines to qualify as a commercial pilot. I do not feel like spending the rest of my life writing books that no one will read. It is not as though I wanted to write them. The Letters of Samuel Beckett 1929–1940 (2009), p. 362

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„To write is to read one's own self“

—  Max Frisch Swiss playwright and novelist 1911 - 1991
Sketchbook 1946-1949

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„Easy writing makes hard reading.“

—  Ernest Hemingway American author and journalist 1899 - 1961
As quoted in Paris Was Our Mistress (1947) by Samuel Putnam, p. 128

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„Easy reading is damn hard writing.“

—  Nathaniel Hawthorne American novelist and short story writer (1804 – 1879) 1804 - 1864
Disputed, Also attributed to Ernest Hemingway and others; the earliest definite occurrence of this yet found in research for Wikiquote is by Maya Angelou, who stated it in Conversations With Maya Angelou (1989) edited by Jeffrey M. Elliot: I think it's Alexander Pope who says, "Easy writing is damn hard reading," and vice versa, easy reading is damn hard writing The statement she referred to is most probably: You write with ease, to show your breeding, But easy writing's curst hard reading Clio's Protest, or the Picture Varnished (written 1771, published 1819) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

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