„Islamic killers are over here because we are over there.“

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Pat Buchanan3
politico statunitense 1938

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„Islamism is not Islam. Islamism is the politicisation of Islam, the desire to impose a version of this ancient faith over society.“

—  Maajid Nawaz British activist 1977
'I watched a man stabbed in a London street - and felt nothing' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2331021/I-watched-man-stabbed-London-street--felt-nothing.html (25 May, 2013)

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„We are confident that the Islamic logic, culture, and discourse can prove their superiority in all fields over all schools of thought and theories.“

—  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 6th President of the Islamic Republic of Iran 1956
Ahmadinejad on His Proposal for a Jewish State in Europe and on Iran's Nuclear Energy http://www.memritv.org/Transcript.asp?P1=987 Jan. 2006.

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„I blow my load over the status-quo, here we go.“

—  Josh Homme American musician 1973
"Smooth Sailing", ...Like Clockwork (2013)

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„We're not here just to take part; we're here to take over.“

—  Conor McGregor Irish mixed martial artist and boxer 1988
"UFC Fight Night: Dublin" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQiG_9yUOA4 (July 2014), Ultimate Fighting Championship, Zuffa, LLC

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„Uh? They don't like me over here, either.“

—  Joakim Noah American–French basketball player 1985
As quoted in press conference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YpXTTPlqcM (2010), NBA

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„One defining issue over which New Conservatives and liberals practically converge: Islam is peaceful, except for a few bad Abduls.“

—  Ilana Mercer South African writer
"Trump Doesn’t Need to Talk Like A Conservative," http://www.unz.com/imercer/trump-doesnt-need-to-talk-like-a-conservative/ The Unz Review, March 19, 2016.

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„Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.“

—  Dr. Seuss American children's writer and illustrator, co-founder of Beginner Books 1904 - 1991
Often attributed to Dr. Seuss without citation; also cited as an anonymous proverb. This quote has also been attributed to Gabriel García Márquez, in Spanish: "No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió." Compare lines from In Memoriam A.H.H. of Tennyson:   'Tis better to have loved and lost   Than never to have loved at all.

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„It is when the hour of conflict is over, that history comes to a right understanding of the strife, and is ready to exclaim: "Lo! God is here, and we knew it not."“

—  George Bancroft American historian and statesman 1800 - 1891
Context: The glory of God is not contingent on man's good will, but all existence subserves his purposes. The system of the universe is as a celestial poem, whose beauty is from all eternity, and must not be marred by human interpolations. Things proceed as they were ordered, in their nice, and well-adjusted, and perfect harmony; so that as the hand of the skilful artist gathers music from the harp-strings, history calls it forth from the well-tuned chords of time. Not that this harmony can be heard during the tumult of action. Philosophy comes after events, and gives the reason of them, and describes the nature of their results. The great mind of collective man may, one day, so improve in self-consciousness as to interpret the present and foretell the future; but as yet, the end of what is now happening, though we ourselves partake in it, seems to fall out by chance. All is nevertheless one whole; individuals, families, peoples, the race, march in accord with the Divine will; and when any part of the destiny of humanity is fulfilled, we see the ways of Providence vindicated. The antagonisms of imperfect matter and the perfect idea, of liberty and necessary law, become reconciled. What seemed irrational confusion, appears as the web woven by light, liberty and love. But this is not perceived till a great act in the drama of life is finished. The prayer of the patriarch, when he desired to behold the Divinity face to face, was denied; but he was able to catch a glimpse of Jehovah, after He had passed by; and so it fares with our search for Him in the wrestlings of the world. It is when the hour of conflict is over, that history comes to a right understanding of the strife, and is ready to exclaim: "Lo! God is here, and we knew it not."