„The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.“

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Alfred Adler7
matematico statunitense 1870 - 1937

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„You people of the South don't know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end.“

—  William T. Sherman American General, businessman, educator, and author. 1820 - 1891

Comments to Prof. David F. Boyd at the Louisiana State Seminary (24 December 1860), as quoted in The Civil War : A Book of Quotations (2004) by Robert Blaisdell. Also quoted in The Civil War: A Narrative (1986) by Shelby Foote, p. 58.
1860s, 1860
Contesto: You people of the South don't know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization! You people speak so lightly of war; you don't know what you're talking about. War is a terrible thing! You mistake, too, the people of the North. They are a peaceable people but an earnest people, and they will fight, too. They are not going to let this country be destroyed without a mighty effort to save it … Besides, where are your men and appliances of war to contend against them? The North can make a steam engine, locomotive, or railway car; hardly a yard of cloth or pair of shoes can you make. You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical, and determined people on Earth — right at your doors. You are bound to fail. Only in your spirit and determination are you prepared for war. In all else you are totally unprepared, with a bad cause to start with. At first you will make headway, but as your limited resources begin to fail, shut out from the markets of Europe as you will be, your cause will begin to wane. If your people will but stop and think, they must see in the end that you will surely fail.

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„One of the things Jung said is everybody acts out a myth but very few people know what their myth is and you should know what your myth is because it might be a tragedy and maybe you don't want it to be.“

—  Jordan Peterson Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology 1962

Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God
20 May 2017
Biblical Lectures

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„These people who are using this prisoner as a playing card didn't know our religion very well. In true Islam, they don't kill women and young children.“

—  Abu Musab Zarqawi Jordanian jihadist 1966 - 2006

Calling for the release of Irish Catholic charity worker Margaret Hassan. Zarqawi in his own words http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/5058474.stm BBC News (November 2004)

„I don't evenclowns. Clowns are not normal people.“

—  Barbara Park American juvenile author 1947 - 2013

Origine: Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday

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„Well I sometimes call myself a libertarian but that's only because most people don't know what anarchist means. Most people hear you're an anarchist and they think you're getting ready to throw a bomb at a building.“

—  Robert Anton Wilson American author and polymath 1932 - 2007

Interview in TSOG (2002) http://www.blackcrayon.com/ (sound file) http://www.blackcrayon.com/audio/RAW-anarchism.mp3
Contesto: Well I sometimes call myself a libertarian but that's only because most people don't know what anarchist means. Most people hear you're an anarchist and they think you're getting ready to throw a bomb at a building. They don't understand the concept of voluntary association, the whole concept of replacing force with voluntary cooperation or contractual arrangements and so on. So libertarian is a clearer word that doesn't arouse any immediate anxiety upon the listener. And then again, libertarians, if they were totally consistent with their principles would be anarchists. They take the position which they call minarchy, which is the smallest possible government... The reason I don't believe in the smallest possible government is because we started out with that and it only took us 200 years to arrive at the czarist occupation of government that we have now. I think any government is dangerous no matter how small you make it. Instead of governments we should have contractual associations that you can opt out of if you don't like the way the association is going. Religions fought for hundreds of years over which one should dominate Europe and then they finally gave up and made a truce, and they all agreed to tolerate each other — at least in this part of the world... But I think government should be treated like religion, everyone should be able to pick the kind they like. Only it should be contractual not obligatory. I wouldn't mind paying tax money to a local association to maintain a police force, as long as we need one. But I hate like hell paying taxes to help the US government build more nuclear missiles to blow up more people I don't even know and don't think I'd hate them if I did know them. A lot of anarchists had a major roll in influencing my political thinking, especially the individualist anarchists. Benjamin Tucker and Lysander Spooner especially. But I've also been influenced by Leo Tolstoy's anarcho-pacifism. And I find a lot of Kropotkin compatible even though he was a communist anarchist. Nothing wrong with communist anarchism as long as it remains voluntary. Any one that wants to go make a commune, go ahead, do it. I got nothing against it. As long as there's room to the individualist to do his or her own thing.

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„Do you wish people to think well of you? Don't speak well of yourself.“

—  Blaise Pascal French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and Christian philosopher 1623 - 1662

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„You are weak people, only a country that isn’t normal acts this way. No apartheid law will erase the fact that in this homeland there are two nations.“

—  Ayman Odeh Israeli lawyer and member of the Knesset 1975

About the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, as quoted in Opposition warns of ‘apartheid’ as Knesset starts ‘Jewish state bill’ debates https://www.timesofisrael.com/opposition-warns-of-apartheid-as-knesset-starts-jewish-state-bill-debates/ (26 July 2017) by Marissa Newman, The Times of Israel.

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