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John Carmack

Data di nascita: 20. Agosto 1970


John D. Carmack è un programmatore e autore di videogiochi statunitense.

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„It's nice to have a game that sells a million copies.“

— John D. Carmack
Quoted in [ John Carmack Biography].

„It's done, when it's done.“

— John D. Carmack
Referring to Doom 3, Quoted in [ John Carmack Biography].


„The Xbox 360 is the first console that I've ever worked with that actually has development tools that are better for games than what we've had on PC.“

— John D. Carmack
Quoted in Seth Schiesel, [ Microsoft Unveils Games For Its New Xbox 360] The New York Times (2005-10-06)

„These are things I find enchanting and miraculous. I don’t have to be at the Grand Canyon to appreciate the way the world works, I can see that in reflections of light in my bathroom.“

— John D. Carmack
Referring to how he, after many years immersed in the science of graphics, had gained a stronger appreciation of the real world instead of getting detached from it, as he would see a few bars of light on the wall and think, Hey, that’s a diffuse specular reflection from the overhead lights reflected off the faucet, Quoted in David Kushner, Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture Epilogue, p. 234.


„It's a good thing Doom 3 is selling very well...“

— John D. Carmack
Having destroyed a rocket test vehicle worth $35,000 USD, Quoted in [ John Carmack Biography].

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