Frasi di John Neville Figgis

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John Neville Figgis

Data di nascita: 1866
Data di morte: 1919

John Neville Figgis - ci manca una descrizione più dettagliata dell'autore.

Frasi John Neville Figgis

„Avignonese Pope.“ Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius

„Counter-Reformation, or whatever it be called, did attempt to save the Church from the scandals of the past, and to a certain extent succeeded. But it did so by increased centralisation, and a hardening of temper, alien from earlier movements of reform.“ Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius

„Is not a mixed government the principle of Moses, and the Jewish Church, the theory of Aristotle, the practice of every nation which is not being ruined? Have we not an obvious mixture, our sovereign lord the Pope, our lords the Cardinals his continual council, and the prelates in council “virtually” representing the visible Church? Are commands such without sanction? Are those laws which “public approbation hath not made such”? Is not consent and user the essence of valid law? How far are unjust laws to be obeyed? Need they be considered laws at all, if we understand S. Thomas aright? Can any government exist or claim rights apart from the consent of the governed? Is there vested in any governor secular or ecclesiastical the dominion over the property and lives of individuals? Can any power, however appointed, dispense with the precepts of natural law? These and such like questions were actually asked; they form the basis of political discussion until the days of Locke.“ Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius

„is perhaps true to say, not that civil liberty is the child of religious liberty, but that liberty, whether civil or religious, was the work often reluctantly, sometimes unconsciously, undertaken by communities of men who had an end higher than political, who refused to submit religion to politic arguments, who fought for ends never entirely utilitarian.“ Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius

„Luther’s principles for the internal, and Machiavelli’s practice for the external, direction of the State were to be the ideal for many generations.“ Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius