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John Sterling

Data di nascita: 4. Luglio 1938


John Sterling - ci manca una descrizione più dettagliata dell'autore.

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„"An A-bomb from A-Rod!" (Alex Rodriguez)“

—  John Sterling
Pennington, Bill. (October 1, 2011). Voice of Yankees Draws High Ratings and Many Critics. The New York Times.


„"It's Gleyber Day! He is the Gleyber of the Month! And like a good Gleyber, Torres is there" (Gleyber Torres)“

—  John Sterling
Berg, Ted. (May 7, 2018). John Sterling's call for Gleyber Torres' walk-off homer was delightfully ridiculous. USA Today

„"Theeeee Yankees win! Theeeee Yankees win!" (at the conclusion of a Yankees victory)“

—  John Sterling
Rieber, Anthony. (October 11, 2012). John Sterling, Michael Kay wish they had trademarked their calls. Newsday.

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