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Nicci French è lo pseudonimo di due giornalisti londinesi, Nicci Gerrard e Sean French, i quali scrivono insieme thriller psicologici. Si sono sposati nel 1990 e fino al 1999 hanno vissuto in un villaggio in Suffolk, poco più di 100 chilometri a nord di Londra insieme ai due bambini del primo matrimonio di Nicci e le due figlie che hanno avuto insieme.

„Tutti hanno i propri segreti e i propri tradimenti. Nessuno è senza vergogne. Meglio tenere le cose oscure al buio, dove possono risanarsi o scomparire. Meglio metter via i tormenti della gelosia e la curiosità paranoica.“ da Dolce e Crudele, traduzione di Maria Sepa, Rizzoli

„I don't want you to be interested in my life. I want you to be interested in me.“ Killing Me Softly

„If I had to ask him to ask me, it wasn't going to work as an expression of concern. Like when you ask someone if they love you - if you have to ask them, they don't. Or not enough. Not the way you want them to.“ Land of the Living

„I wake in the night. Or sometimes I don't wake in the night. It hardly seems to make a difference.“ The Red Room

„If you behave as if you are all right, then one day you will be. You have to go through the motions of surviving in order to survive.“ Killing Me Softly

„It made me realize how unimaginative I had always been about battered wives. Disaster creeps up, a tidal wave on the tourist beach. By the time you can see it, you are powerless or unable to resist it and it rolls you up and away.“

„there’s a difference between doing something and being something, but they merge into each other. I mean, you play the piano a bit, and then more and more, and at some point you become a pianist. That’s who you are.“ Tuesday's Gone: A Frieda Klein Novel

„Thursday is perhaps the worst day of the week. It's nothing in itself; it just reminds you that the week has been going on too long.“ Thursday's Child

„She never opened her mail in the middle of the day. Sometimes she forgot about it for a week or more until people rang to complain. Nor did she check her answering machine messages. In fact, it had only been in the last year that she had finally bought an answering machine, and she steadfastly refused to have a mobile, to the incredulity of all those around her, who didn’t believe that people could actually function without one. But Frieda wanted to be able to escape from incessant communications and demands. She didn’t want to be at anyone’s beck and call, and she liked cutting herself off from the urgent inanities of the world. When she was on her own, she liked to be truly alone. Out of contact and adrift.“ Blue Monday

„You never step into the same river twice“ Thursday's Child

„it was like glass sandpaper being rubbed on my skin.“ Secret Smile

„It's what the loss uncovers in you that brings on despair, not the loss itself.“ Friday on My Mind

„And how do you undo damage that’s been built into the foundations? With houses, it’s easier to pull the whole thing down and start again. You can’t do that with people.“ Secret Smile

„She loathed Christmas, and she loathed the run-up to Christmas, the frenzied shoppers, the tat in the shops, the lights that were put up too early in the streets, the Christmas songs that belted out from overheated shops day after day, the catalogues that poured through her door and into her bin, and above all the insistence on the value of family. Frieda did not value her family and they did not value Frieda. A great gulf lay between them, impassable. The“ Blue Monday

„Within families, you’re stuck with the character they think you are, whatever you do. You become a war hero and all that your parents ever talk about is something supposedly funny you used to do when you were in nursery school.“ Secret Smile

„Pauline had once said to me, after she was through the worst of her stunned unhappiness, that if you behave as if you are all right, then one day you will be.“ Killing Me Softly

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