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"Weird Al" Yankovic

Data di nascita: 23. Ottobre 1959


Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic è un cantautore, fisarmonicista, comico e attore statunitense.

Si dedica prevalentemente a creare cover parodistiche comiche di canzoni molto note.

Frasi "Weird Al" Yankovic


„What kind of bananas do you have working at newspapers in Austin that would base an entire review of an artist's performance on whether or not they had a good seat?“

— "Weird Al" Yankovic
Replying to a fan criticising the poor seats a reviewer of a concert received. [ "Ask Al" Q&As for September 6, 2004].

„Alanis Morissette and I actually used to date. I especially liked it when we went to the movies.“

— "Weird Al" Yankovic
AL TV, MTV, 1996; referring to the line "Is she perverted like me/would she go down on you in a theater" from Morissette's breakout hit You Oughta Know.


„That's something the kids should know about. Reading is a gateway to witchcraft and lesbianism.“

— "Weird Al" Yankovic
I Love the 90's Part Deux, VH1, 1998; referring to Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

„Right now I'm listening to a lot of Top 40 music, because THAT'S MY JOB.“

— "Weird Al" Yankovic
[ Weird Al Yankovic tackles Life's BIG Questions].


„Never had a date
That you couldn't inflate“

— "Weird Al" Yankovic
"You're Pitiful" (2006), Internet-released song

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