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Chris Cornell

Data di nascita: 20. Luglio 1964


Chris Cornell, nome d'arte di Christopher John Boyle , è un cantante e musicista statunitense.

La sua carriera ebbe inizio nei Soundgarden, formatisi nel 1984 e scioltisi nel 1997 ; il suo nome è legato anche al gruppo grunge Temple of the Dog. Dal 2001 al 2007 ha formato, assieme ad alcuni ex componenti dei Rage Against the Machine, il gruppo Audioslave, di cui è stato il cantante solista.

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„ he tone of Euphoria Morning is kind of melancholy.“

— Chris Cornell
Context: Guitar. com: he tone of Euphoria Morning is kind of melancholy.


„I remember seeing how Layne [Staley] reacted to Andy [Andrew Wood] dying from drugs, and I think that he was scared possibly. And I think he also reacted the same way when Kurt [Cobain] shot himself. They were really good friends. And yet it didn’t stop him. But for me, if I think about the evolution of my life as it appears in songs for example, Higher Truth is a great example of a record I wouldn’t have been able to write [when I was younger], and part of that is in essence because there was a period of time there where I didn’t expect to be here. And now not only do I expect to be here, and I’m not going anywhere, but I’ve had the last 12 years of my life being free of substances to kind of figure out who the substance-free guy is, because he’s a different guy. Just by brain chemistry, it can’t be avoided. I’m not the same, I don’t think the same, I don’t react the same. And my outlook isn’t necessarily the same. My creative endeavours aren’t necessarily the same. And one of the great things about that is it enabled me to kind of keep going artistically and find new places and shine the light into new corners where I hadn’t really gone before. And that feels really good. But it’s also bittersweet because I can’t help but think, what would Jeff be doing right now, what would Kurt be doing right now, what would Andy be doing? Something amazing, I’m sure of it. And it would be some music that would challenge me to lift myself up, something that would be continually raising the bar so that I would work harder too, in the same way they affected me when they were alive basically.“

— Chris Cornell
When asked if there was a lesson to be learned from those friends' deaths caused by substance abuse and if it was not enough to scare everyone **

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