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John Lydon

Data di nascita:31. Gennaio 1956

John Joseph Lydon, noto anche con lo pseudonimo di Johnny Rotten , è un cantante britannico, voce del gruppo punk rock dei Sex Pistols e del gruppo post-punk Public Image Ltd.

La sua carismatica personalità e l'eccentrico modo di vestire portarono il manager dei Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, a chiedergli di entrare nella band in qualità di frontman. Con i Pistols pubblicò diversi singoli , tutte canzoni con testi scritti di suo pugno che crearono scandalo e scompiglio in tutta la società britannica dell'epoca.

Negli anni successivi, Lydon ha condotto diversi programmi televisivi in Gran Bretagna, Stati Uniti e Belgio, e ha scritto la sua autobiografia, Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs , acclamata da critica e pubblico. Nel corso della sua carriera quarantennale, Lydon si è spesso reso protagonista di esternazioni provocatorie nei confronti della famiglia reale inglese e circa altre varie questioni politiche.

Lydon viene largamente riconosciuto come una delle figure di spicco del primo movimento punk, anche se ha spesso espresso punti di vista anticonvenzionali e non direttamente correlati con i dettami del movimento stesso.

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„Anger is an energy. It really bloody is. It’s possibly the most powerful one-liner I’ve ever come up with. When I was writing the Public Image Ltd song ‘Rise’, I didn’t quite realize the emotional impact that it would have on me, or anyone who’s ever heard it since. I wrote it in an almost throwaway fashion, off the top of my head, pretty much when I was about to sing the whole song for the first time, at my then new home in Los Angeles. It’s a tough, spontaneous idea. ‘Rise’ was looking at the context of South Africa under apartheid. I’d be watching these horrendous news reports on CNN, and so lines like ‘They put a hotwire to my head, because of the things I did and said’, are a reference to the torture techniques that the apartheid government was using out there. Insufferable. You’d see these reports on TV and in the papers, and feel that this was a reality that simply couldn’t be changed. So, in the context of ‘Rise’, ‘Anger is an energy’ was an open statement, saying, ‘Don’t view anger negatively, don’t deny it – use it to be creative.’ I combined that with another refrain, ‘May the road rise with you’. When I was growing up, that was a phrase my mum and dad – and half the surrounding neighbourhood, who happened to be Irish also – used to say. ‘May the road rise, and your enemies always be behind you!’ So it’s saying, ‘There’s always hope’, and that you don’t always have to resort to violence to resolve an issue. Anger doesn’t necessarily equate directly to violence. Violence very rarely resolves anything. In South Africa, they eventually found a relatively peaceful way out. Using that supposedly negative energy called anger, it can take just one positive move to change things for the better. When I came to record the song properly, the producer and I were arguing all the time, as we always tend to do, but sometimes the arguing actually helps; it feeds in. When it was released in early 1986, ‘Rise’ then became a total anthem, in a period when the press were saying that I was finished, and there was nowhere left for me to go. Well, there was, and I went there. Anger is an energy. Unstoppable.“

— John Lydon
Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored

„Disco sucks? You never heard that from me.“

— John Lydon
Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored

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