„There's no reason for you to love me | after all of the heartaches we've been through. | But I love you, I just can't help it. | You're so beautiful, what else shall I do? | You say you didn't make me love you | and you tell me that you're not to blame. | But it still hurt me the same. | Darling, love is not a game. | 'Cause it hurts, oh. | It hurts, yeah. (da It Hurts, n. 3)“

—  Greg Lake

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Greg Lake14
chitarrista, bassista e cantante britannico 1947 - 2016

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Greg Lake photo
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„Perché con te io sono fottutamente me stesso, Senza di te non lo sono. ~Love The Way You Lie“

—  Eminem rapper, attore e produttore discografico statunitense 1972

Part 2

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„The Bible was very definitely written by men, and not superior men either; far from it! This is why so much of it can be shown to be historically and scientifically dead wrong about damned-near everything back-to-front.“

—  Aron Ra 1962

Origine: Da "2nd Foundational Falsehood of Creationism" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFrkjEgUDZA&list=PL126AFB53A6F002CC&index=2, Youtube, 24 novembre 2007.

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„L train love train, l train please take me to the end of the line.“

—  Chiara Civello cantautrice italiana 1975

da L train
The Space Between

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„I've seen the needle and damage done, a little part of it in everyone, but every junkie's like a settin'sun….“

—  Jean-Christophe Grangé giornalista, scrittore e sceneggiatore francese 1961

Lui carburava sulle parole di Neil Young

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„The Dreamers. | That is us. | In the city that made us love.“

—  Pierpaolo Lauriola cantautore italiano 1975

da The Dreamers, n. 3

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„Per loro non saremo mai uomini per bene just do it da perdere hai solo le tue catene.“

—  Ted Bundy assassino seriale statunitense 1946 - 1989

da Molotov Cocktail n. 5
Molotov Cocktail

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