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Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Data di nascita: 22. Ottobre 1833
Data di morte: 10. Dicembre 1896


Alfred Bernhard Nobel è stato un chimico, imprenditore e filantropo svedese.

È noto per essere stato l'inventore della dinamite e l'ideatore del premio Nobel.

Frasi Alfred Bernhard Nobel


„I would not leave anything to a man of action as he would be tempted to give up work; on the other hand, I would like to help dreamers as they find it difficult to get on in life.“

— Alfred Nobel
As quoted in Nobel, Dynamite and Peace (1929) by Ragnar Sohlman and Henrik Schück, as translated by Brian Lunn and Beatrix Lunn, p. 249; also quoted by Lester B. Pearson in his [ address on accepting the Nobel Peace Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway (10 December 1957)].

„If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.“

— Alfred Nobel
As quoted in The 12 best Questions To Ask Customers (2001), by Jim Meisenheimer, p. 26.

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