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Andrew King

Data di nascita: 1942

Andrew King , produttore discografico britannico.

„Anche se amava le canzoni semplici, Syd Barrett aveva un modo esplosivo di missare i pezzi – abbassava e alzava i cursori della consolle a tutta velocità e apparentemente a caso, ma sta di fatto che il risultato era sempre fenomenale... Syd era un pittore, e non faceva mai nulla se non in modo artistico. Era un creatore al cento per cento, e sempre molto esigente, in particolare con se stesso.“ citato in Pink Floyd, Canzoni, traduzione di Lorenzo Ruggiero, Kaos Edizioni Milano, 1992

„You see.. I have this book. Within the pages of this book are things that I should've told you. I call this book "Hesitation".“

„The only thing holding people back from starting a relationship is failure to overcome hesitation.“

„Let me hold
So I can feel
Let me see
So I can learn
Let me be
So I can lead“

„You know you're in love when the most interesting conversation you have with the opposite gender is about the one you claim to be in love with.“

„Today I was reading a book about a movie that I thought I could relate to. I read approximately the first 15 words, before I realized that the authors note won't tell me much about the pages ahead of it.“

„A simple solution to a problem could be as complex as a problem to a simple solution.“

„Learning in the moment is difficult. This difficulty occurs because many of the opportunities for learning in counselling and therapy groups are missed as group leaders do not notice what is occurring. A key challenge in group leadership is to notice the significance of what is or what is not being said in a group.“

„Men choosing abuse need to be connected to choices. They are not powerless. Take them back to the beginnings of their relationship. They would have rarely used violence at the beginning of the relationship as their partner would have left them.“

„Forever doesn't exist because it hasn't started yet.“

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