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Hans Christian von Baeyer

Data di nascita: 1938


Hans Christian von Baeyer , accademico e fisico statunitense.

Frasi Hans Christian von Baeyer

„Paradox is the sharpest scalpel in the satchel of science.“

— Hans Christian von Baeyer
Context: Paradox is the sharpest scalpel in the satchel of science. Nothing concentrates the mind as effectively, regardless of whether it pits two competing theories against each other, or theory against observation, or a compelling mathematical deduction against ordinary common sense. Chapter 23, Black Holes, Where information goes to hide, p. 204


„An electron is real; a probability is not.“

— Hans Christian von Baeyer
Chapter 19, The Quantum Gadget, Quantum weirdness brought to light, p. 172

„Time has been called God's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once. In the same spirit, noise is Nature's way of making sure that we don't find out everything that happens. Noise, in short, is the protector of information.“

— Hans Christian von Baeyer
Chapter 14, Noise, Nuisance and necessity, p. 127-128 von Baeyer did not originate the quip about time, which dates back at least as far as the 1929 book "The Man Who Mastered Time" by Ray Cummings, where it appears on [ p. 1].

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